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    Local date filter on 2 dashboards, each affecting the other

    Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood



      I'm struggling a little separating the effects of some quickfilters and filter actions.


      The net problem is: I have one sheet used in two separate dashboards. One dashboard has a filter action which includes a specific year.


      The second dashboard (using the same sheet) uses a date range quick filter so users can look through the 14 odd years of data. However, the first dashboard leaves the action filter on the sheet and so there's only 1 year of data available - even if the filter shows 14 years in the available date range.


      Is there some way of clearing/resetting/limiting the scope of action filters to the dashboard rather than to the sheet (that's how I thought they worked anyway).


      None of these are set as global filters because that will start affecting everything else in the workbook which is definitely not what I want.


      The only solution I see currently is to duplicate the viz sheet, and that doesn't feel like a nice solution at all.




      - Nathaniel