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    Faster Create New Worksheet

    . Matthew

      From 6.0.4 release notes: -


      "Added a new tab located on the right side of the worksheet tabs along the bottom of the workbook. Clicking this tab that will create a new worksheet."


      After upgrading, I found myself using it without even realising. Very simple, but nice touch.  Thanks!

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          Joe Mako

          I use it quite frequently myself too.


          I have noticed that when I want to add a dashboard tab, I have to remember to not click the button, as it cannot read my mind if I want a dashboard or a worksheet added. If I click it with the intention to add a dashboard, I then have to delete the sheet I added unintentionally, and then go through the right-click context menu to add a dashboard.


          So when I want to add a new tab, I have to remember two methods, click nice easy button for new worksheet, but right click and select from menu to add new dashboard (and I have to read every item in the list to ensure I am not deleting a sheet, or selecting some other option that I did not want). (somewhat related, when I go to duplicate a calculated field, I frequently miss-click and attempt to delete the field).

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            . Mcnike

            For the life of me, I can't figure why this "create new sheet" option exists in Tableau Reader!  Am I missing something?  You can't save the packaged workbook with a new tab from Reader, nor can you create a new viz on this new sheet... ???

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              James Baker

              Oops - good catch, McNike.  It shouldn't be there.


              Edit: I've filed this as a bug.