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    SmartSheet.com as a data source?

    Ryan K

      I have recently begun using SmartSheet.com as a data capture platform for our sales and customer service staff to log various events as they occur. If you're not familiar, it's like a souped up version of Google Docs that provides a nice interface via forms and datasheets.


      Rather than dumping all of my data to Excel each time I want to analyze it in Tableau, is there a data connector that would work with this site's API to allow me a direct connection? Or could someone suggest a less painful workaround? I asked about a Google Spreadsheets connector in the past and it didn't sound like something the Tableau team was interested in at the time.


      I would love to see more data connections available to web-based data sources from Tableau. Or maybe it goes the other way - maybe we need more SAAS vendors to expose the data we analysts seek in a common format (OData or the like)? Any help or comments would be much appreciated!