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    Tableau data tool (Excel re-formatting) reshape doesn't works

    . Janos

      When I click on "Reshape data"/"Data", and the first data value cell, "OK", the following error message appears: "Microsof Visual Basic error: Type mismatch"

      - my laptop has Excel 2003 SP2, Win XP SP2

      - the IT department installed all of the available Win and Office patches, hotfixes  on my laptop (Excel 2003 SP3 too) - no changes

      - I'm a restricted account user on our IT network, but IT gave me teporaly admin user rights to install the tool on my laptop, and the tool is installed under my D:/Documents and Settings/myname/Application Data/Microsoft/AddIns/Tableau.xla

      - "Fill Down" function works fine


      Could you help me please - what kind of plugin/addon I need to work correctly with Data Tool. We have only csv export funcion from our survey system - without this tool we are not able to analyze the data.