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    Rolling 12 month data shown by month on one table

    Stefan Johns

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to create a table in tableau 6.0 and could do with some help.


      I have a date field that contains invoice data over a two year period. Tableau will group it automatically by year, month etc, but I haven't been able to get it to show a rolling 12 month period.


      What I am after is a table showing results on a 12 months rolling basis eg. 12 months to December, 12 months to January etc.


      I am able to do this on separate tabs using a calculated date field (MMYY) by selecting the relevant months. However, I really want to display this within one table, to allow for drill down etc.


      I read something a while ago that mentioned relative date ranges, but can't find it and I am a bit stuck.


      Any help you could offer wouldbe appreciated.

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