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    Can Formatting be Changed Based on a Parameter?

    Mark Isaacs

      I have a basic worksheet (see attached) that has Country on the Columns shelf and Age on the Rows shelf.  I use a parameter to enable the user to display either the actual number of incidents for each age/country or the age's percent of the total number of incidents for the country.  This parameter controls the way the measure 'Display Data' is calculated.  While the calculated percentages are correct, they are not formatted as percentages: thus, instead of 6.1% the user sees 0.061.


      Is there any way to dynamically change the formatting based on the parameter value selected so that the formatting is appropriate?


      Also, is there any way in a calculated field to specify the scope of the calculation?  When I set up the worksheet I had to select Compute Using Table (Down) from the Text shelf's pill for the measure 'Displayed Data'.  I'd like to set up a second percentage calculation, selectable in the Parameter list, that would calculate the percentages based on Compute Using Table (Across).  That would require incorporating the 'Compute Using' information into the formula for the calculated 'Displayed Data' measure, and I don't know if that is possible.

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