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    Country Code ISO 3166-2 for Guadeloupe

    Michel Baldellon

      I tried to display a map with data using country code ISO 3166-2 for Guadeloupe (GP) and Reunion (RE).

      These codes (GP and RE) seem regular according to


      But they are not recognized by Tableau 6.0

      (cf. attached file)

      Thanks for your help.


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          Joe Mako

          I took a look at the Wikipedia article, and the following are unrecognized in Tableau:











          Additionally, Tableau has:




          as a possible location that is not in the Wikipedia article.

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            Vanya Tucherov

            Looking at Joe's list of the unrecognized codes:


            AN is a transitional reservation (the ISO 3166-1 alpha 3 corresponding is ANT) for the Netherlands Antilles, now in the process of being deprecated in place. The three islands which comprise BQ-  Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba- are special municipalities of the Netherlands. CW and SX are a similar story, but both Curaçao and the Dutch portion of Sint Maarten are considered constituent countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


            I'm not sure why NU- Niue- isn't in the listing.


            Réunion- RE- is considered one of the département d'outre-mer of France, and is probably as a result considered part of France. Similarly, YT- Mayotte- which is ascending to that status from being considered a Collectivité départementale by the French government.


            UM- the US Minor Outlying Islands- are almost certainly considered as part of the US.


            I won't promise that any action will be taken with regard to these, but would suspect that at least the former Netherlands Antilles may see a status change in future Tableau releases. My apologies for any inconveniences this may cause in the short term.



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              Michel Baldellon

              Ok, I understand your point about the fact that Guadeloupe and Réunion are not exactly independant countries but part of France (La Réunion is a even a "Département").

              Martinique (MQ) have the same administrative status than Guadeloupe... and "La Martinique" is recognized by Tableau.

              Business analysts use ISO standard in their Information System, and I don't think it's a good idea to modify international standards. I think the developpers have better think to do. For example, implementation of european postal code would be really more useful.

              Best regards.


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                Vanya Tucherov

                I definitely understand, Michel, and I think Tableau will continue moving in the direction of supporting more with every release. I know that there will be significant improvements with regard to internationalization coming in the near future, so hopefully we'll be able to include things which will be of value with those.

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                  Mark Andrews


                  I am still having problems with ISO codes.  From some reason ISO codes for China etc not recognized.

                  Is anyone else having issues?



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                    Dan Cory

                    In 7.0, the default is to allow you mix ISO and FIPS codes. But some codes conflict and so end up ambiguous as you see here. Drop down the country drop down and you'll see the control to let you choose ISO / FIPS / mixed.