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    Embed Password Button is not available.

    Leo Great

      Hi I am trying to publish a workbook with embed password. But the I cannot see the Embedd Password Button whilw pulbishing. Am using My Sql Datasource. In server side Embed password is enabled.  Using Tableau Desktop v6.0 and Server v6.0.


      Can tell where am going wrong?

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          Leo Great

          Solved...Should not use Server user name and DB user name as same, since it took it for automatic authentication. It should be a different username than the logged in server username.

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            Matt Bartholomew

            I'm using a trial server for Tableau.  Should I be able to embed user credentials using Tableau's trial server? 


            The problem I'm experiencing:

            - I do have Embedded Credentials checked on my server setting under Administration -> maintenance.

            - When publishing worksheets from tableau desktop to a trial tableau server, I don't see any button or option to embed a password in the worksheet.



            - I have an external website with an embedded tableau server project.  The embedded project pulls real time data from multiple databases.  It would be ideal if the end user can simply interact with the data and graphs without being prompted to login into multiple databases.


            Please let me know if I'm overlooking a solution here.

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              Matt Bartholomew

              Chris @ tableau pointed me to this doc.  Very helpful.


              The fix was that I needed to "log on" to the tableau server from tableau desktop.  I was simply publishing my workbooks and logging in during that process.  Once you log on, the password button for all worksheets is available.



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                James Baker

                Matt, I'm glad you found a path forward.  That actually sounds like a bug - the passwords button should show up even if you login on-your-way to the publish dialog.  Thanks for bringing this to light.


                Edit: Matt, I can't replicate that difference.  Can you tell me more about what kind of data source you're using, and the exact series of steps you're using such that you don't see the button?

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                  Matt Bartholomew

                  Hi James,


                  I've been using a workbook (multiple worksheets) that pull live data from mysql and postgres databases for a few weeks now.  I only recently installed the trial tableau server on my desktop.  I published the workbooks to that server, but I hadn't enable password embedding yet.  After a day or so, I figured out how to enable the password embed setting on the tableau server.  I continued to publish updates of my workbooks to the server, but the password button never appeared despite having made the change on the server.  I did make sure that I closed out of tableau desktop software and re-opened the workbooks - still had the same problem.


                  Then yesterday I discovered that if I logged on to the tableau server (via the tableau desktop software) I was then presented with a password button when publishing updated workbooks.


                  I hope that helps.