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    Is there a way to re-order the columns in a set?

    Matt Shoemaker

      I have created a set by Ctrl-clicking 2 fields and then selecting "Create Set" from the right-click menu.


      The 2 fields are called "Opp Status" and "Express Flag".


      The resulting set always lists the Express Flag column before the Opp Status column, regardless of which field I select first when creating the set.  Using the "Show Members" dialog, I can drag-and-drop to re-arrange the columns in the window, but the change doesn't keep when I select OK.


      In the set member list, I would like to see the values for Opp Status on the left side and Express Flag on the right side.  For the user, this makes more logical sense when selecting set members from a quick filter because the set members with the same Opp Status should be grouped together.


      For instance, in the Quick Filter now I see:

      Null, Closed

      Null, On Hold

      Null, Open

      False, Closed

      False, Open

      True, Closed

      True, On Hold


      I would prefer to see:

      Closed, Null

      Closed, False

      Closed, True

      On Hold,Null

      On Hold,True