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    Dyanamic Parameter Values

    Michael Mixon



      I posted this earlier, but it appears to be one of the "missing" and so I'll post it again.


      I was wondering if there is a way to make the list of parameter values dynamic.  I've got a dashboard that covers an entire region, but most users will select a sub-region first and then do their analysis.  At the moment, my parameter field includes all customer names, and it shows all of them regardless of which sub-region is selected.  So, a user not only has to search through irrelevant customer names, but could select one that contains no data in that sub-region, thereby making all of the charts go blank.


      The reason why I am not using the customer name field as a filter is because I want to be able to compare that customer's performance to the region/sub-region total, and so if I filtered for that customer, I'd only be comparing them against themselves.  Hence the parameter.


      Any insights would be appreciated.