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        Joe Mako



        I am sorry, but I am unable to follow what you are explaining. From what I can gather, your comment is about the javascript framework that Tableau is using on a product description webpage.

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          Dean Glasener

          The example of Tableau displaying vizs in a vizpop-tab foretells an exciting opening of new real estate and methods of delivering  BI/business apps.  The community should look forward to Tableau sharing the methods and thoughts on our potential use of this feature.

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            I just wanted to follow (be notified about new comments) this interesting thread while having nothing to contribute yet, but I couldn't. I was forced to submit a comment first, so here it is...


            Tableau Team can treat this comment as a hint / feature request.

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              Is it just me or others get it too? When I try to use the breadcrumb trail at the top to go to upper levels, I frequently overshoot the link with the mouse and get a pop-up menu that covers the breadcrumb I wanted to click. Very annoying...

              Can the breadcrumb trail be moved a safe distance away from the main navigation menu?

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                Andy Cotgreave


                I share your pain. This is something that's common to a lot of sites. Maybe the designers should have thought about Fitt's law before making all the menu text so small.


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                  WOW! I can't believe there is a whole scientific discipline behind this! Even more reason to fix it.

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                    Andy Cotgreave

                    Having thought about it, I'm not sure it could be used to improve the site in this situation. The problem with trying to apply Fitt's law here is that while you, Dimitri B, might be trying to hit the Forum crumb trail, and therefore want that menu to be bigger, a lot of other users might be trying to get to the top menu, and therefore want that menu to be bigger.


                    Where Fitt's law works is where it is possible to identify that *most* users do a particular behaviour. For example, just about everybody uses the back button in a browser, so it made sense for the Firefox developers to make it larger than the others (see the attached snapshot).


                    Also, in Microsoft Office, they added the context menu that appears automatically when you select text (attached).


                    Final example: the Start button in Windows was given infinite depth after about Win 95. You move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and you can keep on moving the mouse and the button is still active. In older editions of Windows, you actually had to hit the button precisely - the very bottom left of the screen was not part of the Start button.


                    Fitt's law is cool!



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                      guest contributor

                      seems like another change in the forum, has brought another break.


                      The display of my name has changed from "joemako" to "Joe M.", and now I am unable to post while logged in. I get an error:


                      You have to specify a valid author.


                      Seems strange that his change in displayed name is only affecting some users.

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                        guest contributor

                        I had attempted to log in and edit "My Account" settings, but apparently, because I have filled out the field on the "My Info" section, I am no longer able to post while logged in.




                        When I tried using the login link at the top, and after logging in, I was taken to an "Access denied" page




                        With the message:



                        You are not authorized to access this page.


                        Who is in charge of these changes on the forum?

                        • 24. Re: New site layout
                          Andy Cotgreave

                          Good question, Joe.

                          It's not helpful at the moment to have these problems. It's not like they are trivial problems. My attempts to attach documents to topics have failed three times. I don't think it's my lack of ability to attach documents - there's something properly wrong. Myself, you and Richard are stalwarts of this forum, so are happy to live with the issues, but new arrivals might well be put off.


                          • 25. Re: New site layout
                            James Baker

                            I've forwarded along those things, Joe, thanks.  We have staff working full time on fixing all these issues.

                            • 26. Re: New site layout
                              Joe Mako

                              Thank you.


                              The posting issue has now been resolved. I can again post while logged in.


                              It would be great if I could specify if my full name was shown, instead of having to put my full in the the "First Name" field and "." in the "Last Name" field. I am sure your database would be happier. :)


                              I see where it says:

                              "The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly."


                              I can understand that some people want to post anonymous, what what about the people who what to use their full name?

                              • 27. Re: New site layout
                                James Baker

                                And now the "display name" proper has been implemented and things should be good on the name displays (as noted in the temporary banner atop the forum pages).

                                • 28. Re: New site layout
                                  Andy Cotgreave

                                  I started another trhead - I can't save my details if I am in the UK - it still wants a State.

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                                    guest contributor

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