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    New site layout

    Richard Leeke

      New layout looks good.  Just a couple of comments on the forum layout.


      1) Nice to have the option to step through next/previous topics without always going back to the main list.  But the order doesn't seem to be exactly the same as the order in the main list, which can be confusing.  I suspect that this is when there are duplicates within the sort order (number of replies, for example).


      2) Nice to have control of sort order, but I'd really like a sort by most recent activity option.  It would be good to be able to retain a preferred sort, too, rather than always having to click through created and last post sort orders (especially as they start sorted least recent first).


      3) I've just been staring at the options for a while trying to work out how to submit this.  I assume it's the Save button below File attachments - but the layout makes it look as if that is to save an attachment.



      Also, what's become of the TCRL idea?  I hope its just work in progress rather than having quietly died.  Do let us know, I don't want to waste any more time on contributions if it's not a happening thing.

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          Joe Mako

          I agree with your comments Richard, and I will add:


          4) (your question on the Tableau Calculation Reference Library (TCRL)) [I think it currently missing as part of the notice on some posts missing]


          5) I like the addition of the option to receive notice when new comments are posted (trying it out on this thread), but what happened to the RSS feeds? There were two RSS feeds, one for all new threads/topics, and another for all new comments. With these RSS feeds I could follow all comments on all threads in my RSS reader.


          6) Did the changes to the site URL structure create a whole bunch of broken links? will aliases be created for the old structure? or is this also part of the message on missing posts? some links/URLs that I have auto update to the new URL, while others do not.


          7) I am not sure if it is just something I need to get used to, but the order of comments in a thread is no longer sorted by date. Before, adding a comment via the reply link for a specific comment was displayed the same as a comment to the thread. Some comments should not be a reply to other comments, but a general reply to the thread, and some comments that were a reply to the thread would be better as a reply to a comment. Will there be a way to alter comments so they are placed correctly in the thread? Also what happens to the layout when there are 20 nested comment replies, is there a min comment width?


          8) What is the plan to deal with outdated content on the forum? With the new default sorting, old content seems to get pushed to the top.


          9) Can you add the option to sort on recent activity? This was the previous only sort order. I can currently get close to this order, but it is not quite the same.


          10) It looks like the post count numbers have been fixed. Thank you.


          11) I really like the improvements to the search page, with the ability to filter by forum section. Currently I have found three different search pages, one specifically for the knowledge base, one for the forum, at allows for the nice drill down into forum sections, and a general site search that has a different layout, I hope these pages can be merged into one.


          12) I really like that is is no longer a Google search of the full page content, but an index of words in actual posts, unfortunately searching for a username no longer returns results for all of that user's posts.


          Overall I really like the new style of the header and site navigation, but the changes to the forum have made it frustrating to use.

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            Joe Mako

            13) Where is the logout link? I am logged into the forum, how do I log out?


            14) Why was an attachment quota imposed? I can no longer attach files to posts. It would be really useful to be able to attach packaged workbooks, for example, on The specified item was not found. I get this message:



            The selected file combo_dual_axis.twbx could not be uploaded. The file is 18.65 KB which would exceed your disk quota of 50 MB.

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              Joe Mako

              15) Does the checkbox for "Notify me when new comments are posted" work?

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                James Baker

                2, 7, and 14 are fixed. 13: Is there a logout link in the very top-right for you?


                Re the TCRL: It only disappeared accidentally (part of the big FYI on the top of the forum pages right now).  It is suffering from my lack of time, and will get some love soon.

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                  Richard Leeke

                  Great, thanks James.  Good luck with the time machine.


                  BTW, logout works for me, but when I log back in it tells me I'm not authorised to access the home page (see image)!  Just clicking anywhere works fine though.

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                    Joe Mako



                    Thank you very much!


                    Now that I see the logout link, I also see the My Account link, and the list of "My Conversations" is a great addition.

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                      Richard Leeke

                      Yes, the My Conversations is a great idea.


                      as Joe pointed that out it also took me to the My Account settings - which have a couple of useful looking options.


                      I was particularly pleased to see that the site was intelligent enough to remove the "State" field when I entered a country of New Zealand - so many US-centric sites leave State there and often don't even have an "N/A" option.  Sadly, though, despite hiding the State field, it won't let me save my profile unless I supply a value for State.  So one more (very, very low priority) item for the bug list.

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                        Andy Cotgreave

                        Hi all

                        Only just found this thread - I'd avoided the forum since the new changes as I didn't have the patience to resort each forum.


                        The other issues I'd add to the list:

                        - when you click Preview the page layout is all wrong (although this appears to have been fixed)

                        - the envelope icons next to forum links are not a good addition, in their current form. Why? Firstly, I can't quite work out what all the different icons are. Secondly, they don't fit in with the rest of the look and feel of the site. The black outline really stands out and disrupts the cleaner lines and subtle palette of the rest of the page.


                        Also, is it too late to ask for these features:

                        "See all posts by this user"

                        "See new posts"

                        "Add a signature"


                        As far as I can tell, from the user's point of view, the only things that have been changed are the ways that existing functionality works. There doesn't seem to be too much in the way of new functionality at all. Apart from the "Notify me..." button, but as Joe said, is it working?



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                          Andy Cotgreave

                          Ah, one more thing - attachments are now aligned to the far left of the post, beneath the Author section. Previously attachments were aligned under the text of the post itself. The older version made more sense as one's eye is happier to move up and down to see relevant information. Making us move down, then left, to hunt for an attachment is a small annoyance but another one that would be nice to fix.



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                            James Baker

                            Thank you for all the great feedback, folks.  The current transition *is* just aiming for parity at the moment.  It was a major systems upgrade, in the works for months, and once we get all the fires put out we'll have much more capability to then go and improve things.  So yes, it seems like pain for nothing at the moment (and the forums did get less attention than the main site redesign in this launch) but there will be some nice benefits in the medium term.

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                              Dean Glasener

                              Follow this link to a nice piece of new Tableau - a new vizpop-tab


                              http://www.tableausoftware.com/products/reader#TB_inline?width=824&height=714&inlineId=vizpop-tab-0&modal=false title=

                              Click on link below presentation image 1/2 way down page right of center


                              James, and Tableau team - thanks for the new site and your work on enhancing Tableau thru site and new code.

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                                Joe Mako

                                There is a downside to these "lightbox" style of displaying or embedding a table viz in a webpage is, what id the viz is bigger than the user's web browser window, how do they scroll to see the rest of the viz? and is it is a really big viz and a small window, how would the user close it?

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                                  Dean Glasener

                                  I see a great upside and yes there will be issues in the use of a new feature.  Tableau appears to use Dojo - Stretched TabContainers for the Show Tabs function in Public - that allow the scroll at ends and drop down box at beginning.


                                  The ability to define an Action Event to  [  pop a viz  onto a  Stack Container or Stretched Tab Container  - is awesome:]

                                  Yes, there may be all the early use issues of how do we get to position - interact with and close All or 1 at a Time Off the Stack.


                                  A stack of Displays in an area of 800 X 600 could be on Monitor 2  [  or save space by stacking on iPad and iPhone/Androids ]

                                  each CLICK or event driven Action Event on Monitor 1 - could SnapShot to  PopStack on Monitor 2  - a new and completely diiferent Viz.


                                  On Monitor # 1  - - - - -  Customer #  1234  Clicked    -  an onClick Event could  write out  8  Snapshots to Monitor # 2


                                  If  Everything is an Object -  we developers  know all the status  on  Monitor #1 or Monitor #2 or  PopStack 100 or  PopStack 200

                                  Some POP STACKS  need to be stored to disk - as  Open Actionable Items  for  Corrective Action or Reporting.




                                  Monitor1.TWBX105Application.Sheet1.ActiveRow.Customer#  =  1234

                                  Monitor2.    would have a POPSTACK  Linked to    the Monitor #1 Application 


                                  Meta Data Updated on Monitor#1    application and sheet  / row    stack to reference  OPEN POPSTACK Items

                                  Monitor#2  could have 4-6-8 Context Snapshots for

                                  Open Orders


                                  Credit Limit and Status

                                  Advertising Programs

                                  Price List for Customer # 1234

                                  SalesPerson Data for Customer # 1234  - - - kids names - birthdays


                                  Coldfusion got to pop windows in 12+ years on the market -  they made Spry an Ajax Widget - that a Pop Up or Div could hold

                                  a  Todays Orders and Ships Scorecard - updating every  60 seconds to the database.


                                  Tableau - has tabcmd that can capture an image of a Dashboard today - a stacked container - and its use will only improve in the fine hands of Tableau.

                                  I'm excited to be a part of the exciting growth and adoption of Tableau.


                                  It may also be a fine savings of resources - write out Snapshot PopStacks at 4-6 AM - include links to interactive sheets. 

                                  80/20 Rule  -  only a few are really important  - - - service as a "static resource" with links -  could save compute in 8-5PM.


                                  Pop Stacks could be subscribed to  as  User    Package Name  -  List of Included Snapshots - Links - Data Extracts

                                  Images  102 - 148  -205  - 42  - 99 -  185    as  HR Status Review

                                  Images  300's series                                        Production Status Review


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                                    Joe Mako



                                    I am not sure point 7 is fixed completely.


                                    Take a look at this thread: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/forum/topic/how-do-i-get-percent-values-whole-table


                                    I am unable to follow the conversation, and I was a contributing member :)

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