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    Conditional Formatting of Columns in Cross Tabs & Conditional Appearance of Marks

    Steven Hayhurst

      Goals/Problem Statements

      1. I'm building a cross-tab (text table) in Tableau with several measures displayed. I'd like to color the text in the columns based on different conditions for each column. If I were displaying only one measure, I would simply put the measure on the Text shelf in the Marks card and a calculated field on the Color shelf. However, when multiple measures are displayed in a cross-tab, Measure Values is already on the Text shelf of the Marks card. Adding a calculated field will change the color of text in all columns.


      2. In that same type of cross-tab described above, I'd also like to know how like to conditionally change the background color of cells for just one column. And in the same cross-tab, I may want to have deploy both of the things I've described in 1 and 2--one column may have the background color change based on a calculated a field, and in another column the text may change based on a completely different calculated field.


      3. I'd also like marks to conditionally appear. In the attached screenshot, dots or arrows may will appear in certain conditions.


      I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to approach these in Tableau 6.