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    Tableau Server 6: we cannot publish new reports, cannot refresh extracts

      Wondering if anyone else has run into this with Tableau 6:


      Starting last night, when I try to refresh a report extract I get the following error message:


      This interim release of Tableau has expired. The latest released version can be obtained at www.tableausoftware.com.


      I get the same error message if I try to publish a report via tab cmd.

      If I try to connect to Tableau Server through Tableau Desktop, it won't let me.


      We are currently running Tableau Server 6, Build 6000.10.1103.2100


      A couple of questions for anyone who's seen this issue:

      1) Will upgrading to the most current release of Tableau 6 fix this problem?

      2) Is this because we had Tableau Server 6.0 Beta installed on this box and then upgraded to the GA release of 6.0? I don't think the version we have installed has "expired" so I'm guessing this is related to the beta?

      3) Was there some sort of warning that this was coming up that we missed? Or is this simply a bug?


      Most importantly: how do we fix this right now? Will upgrading do it?