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    Parameters on Tableau Server

    Johnathon Hege

      So I love the new parameter control functionality in Tableau 6.0, but I don't see a way to pass parameter values between dashboards on Tableau Server.


      I've got a workbook with two dashboards uploaded on Tableau Server.  Call the dashboards "Main" and "Subreport".  Users start out on "Main", select the data they want to drill down into, and select a filter action which brings them to "Subreport."  So far so good.


      Both of these dashboards contain a "date" parameter control.  I used a parameter rather than a quick filter because it offers finer control.  My problem is that the "Date" parameter does not get passed from one dashboard to the next when you execute a filter action.  It does in the desktop version.


      Is there any way to pass a parameter value (not a filter value) between dashboards on Tableau Server?