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    User Filter - Bogs Performance

    Ed Egan

      I have a dashboard of which I created using 12 worksheets.  I have one worksheet that acts more or less as a control sheet...it contains global filters.  Because we have different clients that may view this sheet I am required to use a User Filter.  The User Filter is driven off of a dimension (OLAP data source) called Financial Institution (which contains approximately 250 different companies).  For each user (we use active directory) I have to set which Financial Institution they can see (Financial Institution is a global filter for the dashboard).  I also have internal users from my own company of which are allow to see data for all financial institutions (they can select from the filter (compact list) which Institution they wish to see data for .  In theory this sounds great, but when I apply the User Filter the performance really takes a big hit.  Is this normal?  Without the User Filter the performance is great.  Should I be considering a different security model?

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          Ed Egan

          Any chance I could get some feedback on this?  I need to find a solution as some of our dashboards using a user-filter and also containing a lot of quick filters (more than 3 and up to 12)  can take up to 3 minutes to initially run.  Granted we have over 1 billion rows of data in our cube however dashboards using a user-filter but have no quick filters perform acceptably.

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            Rama Kunaparaju

            I have the same issue. I thought 6 would resolve this, but seems otherwise. I published a workbook (6.0.6) with user filters and without to Server 6.0.6 and i see a drastic difference in performance. Any suggestions?

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              Philipp Saurer



              Did you have any success in resolving the performance issue when using user filters?



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                Ed Egan

                Hi Philipp,  Yes, I did some tweaking of my workbook that really helped out performance.  First thing that made a big impact was removing context from the user filter...it does nothing to improve performance when using an OLAP data source, it makes it worse.  I actually got that idea from some Tableau online documentation.  This is not necessarily true when using a SQL data source.  The next thing I did to help improve performance was to ensure I wasn't using any dimension attributes in more than one shelf...more than any one shelf; In other words, if I was using the attribute on my row shelf I didn't need it in my marks detail shelf.  General rule when using an OLAP data source...Less is more.

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                  Philipp Saurer

                  Thank you Egan!

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                    Wim Van Looy

                    I'm also having this performance issue..The dasboard is working fast and fluent without user filters. When I activate the user filter option with 5 users: dashboard becomes unusable .

                    I'll describe my situation. I have a dashboard that is country specific, for every country I have a user. I also have users that cover all countries. I see a hugh decrease in performance when adding a user that covers all countries. This is very strange..


                    Please help because this is a HUGE problem if we want to deploy this dashboard. We need this option as it cannot happen that a country sees information from another one. Building seperate dashboards isn't an option either as this takes ages to add new functionallity.


                    Aren't there any tableau engineers who can give some information about the technical properties of this user filter? Maybe if we understand this problem we can build a workaround.



                    I'm connected with an sql server and a single table..


                    Thanks in advance

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                      Ed Egan

                      Wim...by chance do you use an OLAP source in your scenario?

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                        Wim Van Looy

                        No.. just static data.

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                          Ed Egan

                          Hi Wim.  I can understand why you wouldn't want to do seperate dashboards.  I have similar dashboards but don't filter users down to the country.  I did create a test version however and its performance was quick.  Are you using a map or other type of graph/report?  Did you try adding your user filter to context and does it make a difference?  You may want to go through support and see if they can offer assistance.  Sorry I couldn't be of further assistance and hope you get it resolved.

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                            Philipp Saurer



                            If you have a possiblity to add the user names to your table in sql you can use the function USERNAME() in Tableau. Create the following calculated field: IIF(USERNAME() = [UserName], TRUE, FALSE). Then use this as the filter instead of the user filter. Note that USERNAME() is the Tableau function and [UserName] is a field in the datasource. Filtering that way gave us a much better performance compared to using the user filter. The downside is that you create multiple rows if a user can see multiple countries.



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                              Wim Van Looy

                              Egan, Phillip thanks for your help.


                              Egan: The dashboard contains 3 graphs and a list with multiple rows. Standard the filter is 'to context' and I tested both. I have the feeling that this is performing worse (something you wouldn't expect). I'll contact support anyway.



                              Philipp: This is a solution that might work for us. I even simplified it, changed username to 'Country' and add IIF(USERNAME() = [Country], TRUE, FALSE). This works fine, let's hope nobody needs to see more then one country otherwise we need to create that table and a GUI for that. Thanks for this.


                              But as a conclusion: our dashboard isn't the most complex one, we have dashboards that are much heavier. I think this is a basic functionallity for a Server and as there are multiple complaints of this on the forum, engineering should definitely start investigating this for the continuity and scalability of this product.

                              Does anybody knows if the filtering system has improved in version 7? Maybe it's interesting to test the beta server.

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                                Wim Van Looy

                                For who's interested:


                                What solved the problem for me: use exact date instead of mdy() function...

                                It seemed to slow down tableau in a significant way.. Now user filter functionality works great.