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    using a dimension with lots of members - nesting quick filters?

      Hi Tableau community,

      I'm trying to do a dashboard where I have one dimension with 500 members.

      To put some context around it those are names of trade commodities in a UN classification.

      They come with a 5-digit code so they are all organized hierarchically, meaning that a item with less than 5 digits is the sum of all of its children, i.e. item 0 is the sum of 00, 01, 02, etc. which are the sum of 001, 003, and so on and so forth until 5 digits. Not all 5-digit combinations are allocated.


      if you want to know 29191 is "Human hair, unworked, washed or not; waste of it".


      anyway, I'm taking only foodstuff this is why I only have 500 items in my dimension.


      and here is the dashboard so far - http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/franceCommerceAlimentaire/Sheet1?:embed=yes&:toolbar=yes&:tabs=no


      My problem is the following.

      I would like to allow a user to filter by the various levels, or by selecting the commodity name directly.

      For instance, I would like the user to choose food or beverages and tobacco, then if food is selected, meat, dairy etc. but NOT alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages and various types of tobacco which are children of the other category.

      Right now, all of the quick filters contain all the possible categories for their levels.


      I'm guessing it's a problem of data structure, which is flexible. I'm attaching the data source.

      Thanks for your advice,



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