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    Using Excel filename or tab name as the date

    Jeffrey Levy

      I have a bunch of Excel workbooks named "filenamex11-01-2010", "filenamex11-10-2010", etc.  The filename is also the name of the one tab within workbook.  However I don't have a date field in the data itself.  Is there anyway to use the filename or tab name as the data for all the data?  I expect I'd need to first setup some sort of calc field to parse it (so I'd end up with just "11-01-2010").


      The data inside the workbook looks like this:


      Station 1/Last week Last-Last Week Total Alerts/Last week Total Alerts  etc...

      Station 2/....


      The data is cumulative each week, so I've created a calc field called Weekly Alerts to subtract the LastWeek - LastLastWeek to get the actual # of alerts for this week.  What I'd normally have to do is insert a column with the date of the report for all rows so I could visualize each Station, Weekly Alerts by Date of Report.