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    extracts not refreshing

    Jim Butler

      I have 8-10 extracts setup and they reside on a network drive. I have published the workbooks to the server and setup a schedule for each of the extracts to refresh on different schedules from every 15 min to once a day. When I look in the server console under Tasks it says they have been updated but then when I look at the timestamps on the .tde file on the shared drive they are not updated. Is there a way I can figure out why those extracts are not getting updated properly?

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          Joe Mako

          Tableau Server has a built-in extract storage, so when Tableau Server is scheduled to update an extract, it is only updating the extract in the built-in repository, and not a file on a shared drive.


          You might be able to write a script using "tabcmd" to download the data source from Tableau Server after the scheduled refresh and place it in the shared directory.


          See http://www.tableausoftware.com/community/support/documentation for the "Tabcmd Documentation - explanation of commands available with the Tableau Server command line utility, Tabcmd (tabcmd.exe)."

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            Jim Butler

            I guess I am confused then. If the refresh is taking place, then why isnt my data updating?

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              Joe Mako

              What was the data source before you created an extract?


              If it was a local file, like Excel or Access, then I am not sure what the process is or if Tableau Server can refresh when those data sources.


              If it was a live database, and the scheduled refresh is not working, then I would recommend checking the logs on both the Tableau Server and your database server to ensure that Tableau Server is querying your database, and verify that the Tableau Server box can communicate with the database server.

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                Jim Butler

                That is where my confusion comes in. I have an extract from MySQL that is put on a shared drive. The logs say the data is refreshed every 15 minutes like it should be but the report shows data from hours ago.

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                  James Baker

                  The Tableau Server "extract engine" consists of a database that serves up queries for the relevant data.  That database contains a copy of the extracted data, and it is not using the external extract file that you have on a network drive.  That data is what is getting refreshed/updated -- the extract file you made before publishing is not touched.

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                    Jim Butler

                    So the data in data engine is getting refreshed then how come the report still shows data that is hours and in some cases days old? Is it because the report's data source is pointed at the external extract on the network drive?

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                      Jim Butler

                      I got everything working and all the confusion is cleared up. Thanks guys.

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                        Faryal Ali



                        I have an extract on my local system created from an excel sheet. Now, I want this extract to be refreshed. The server is windows server not on my network. Using scheduling after 15 mins, the workbook does not get updated to show the latest changes of excel sheet. I have also tried the tabcmd refreshextract command. It say "succeeded". But my workbook never gets updated. Is there any log file created which I can check for my error? What is the exact procedure to refresh extract from external drive?


                        Thanks in advance.

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                          Jaimeen Shah

                          Hi ,


                          Could you please explain what are the steps you have followed to resolve the issue?


                          So that we can also try to implement the same thing on our side. We also have 10 extracts setup and they reside on a local network driveError.jpg. We were facing the attached error while refreshing the extracts.



                          Jaimeen Shah