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    Parameters in Tableau

    . Porkalai

      Is it possible to use Multi Value List parameter(With Check Boxes) instead single value list?

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          Joe Mako

          A parameter can only be a single value, and then used as a variable in calculated fields and on the worksheet.


          I would be interested in hearing about the situation where you need a multi select parameter.


          My first thought of another option is to create a number of parameters, each one listing all your values, and then you could build your calc fields to handle the multiple parameters.

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            . Porkalai

            Thank You.


            Actually i need to filter data based on departments.


            If i use single list value , then i will get the details from single department only. But i need to select two departments together from parameter list. [Like where department = 'Science' and department = 'Maths'].


            I have a parameter(Department) with multiple string values. Next i have a filter field (Course - Calculated field with if clause using parameter).


            If i select a science department from parameter, UG and PG Courses will be shown on filter [ Show Quick Filter].


            How can i select science and Maths department together to make changes in Filter field? Can You get? Please help

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              Joe Mako

              I think what you are looking for is two quick filters, with "Only relevant values" turned on instead of "All values database". you can set this option from the quick filter context menu.

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                guest contributor

                Hi Joe,

                I do have the same requiremet but I cant use quick filter here because my two reports are from two different datasources.

                Do you think there is a work araound?




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                  Joe Mako



                  Can you provide some sample data, or a packaged workbook the demonstrates your situation, and what you have so far, along with details on what you expect the interaction/results to be?