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    Tableau vs QlikVIew

    . iassen

      Hi all,


      Can you help me compile a pros/cons list for Tableau vs QlikView?




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          I just attempted to to help with his, went to QlickView site to check it out and found only buzz phrases like "...provides powerful associative search capabilities..." and numerous mentions of "in-memory processing". No videos, no tours, not many screenshots - mostly propaganda.

          One can download a free trial, but what if one just wants to check it out without the hassle of installing trials?


          So let me open the score with:


          Availability of useful information (not marketing hype) about the product

          Tableau - 1

          QlickView - 0


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            Andy Cotgreave


            To be fair to Qlikview, there are demos just two clicks away from the home page (eg this one of v10). And they launch in the browser. Tableau don't offer direct demoes in the browser with so few clicks. Tableau and Qlikview both offer a free trial of the software.


            Clearly, I know which one I prefer. We looked at Qlikview, and while it is possible to do some cool stuff, it's got a tougher learning curve, and you'd be more reliant on your IT guys for any data blending.



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              . Matthew

              Hi Iassen,


              A good question and one I asked myself some months back when I was doing an evaluation for my business.  Essentially I agree with Andy's assessment that Qlikview is an entirely respectable product but to my mind its fundemental approach is different from Tableau's. I'm not talking technical architecture here - that's well beyond me - but how one interacts with the product.


              A few examples for you: -


              In many ways Qlikview has a much more traditional BI way of connecting with data than Tableau. The process may well be doing exactly the same thing in both cases but in Qlikview you need to go through a classic 'Extract, Transformation and Load' process whereas in Tableau the 'connect to data' is significantly easier to undertake.


              Another area of difference I noted was in the user interface.  Qlikview has plenty of options but on occasion it hurt my head to get where I intended to go with it.  Working with Tableau on the other hand seemed comparitively effortless. I'm not a great one for reading software manuals (who is?) because I expect that good software should be designed with the user in mind, which is a bit presumptive I know.  Tableau did not disappoint here at all.  Eveytime I wanted to do something, the control, command or action just seemed to be exactly where logically I expected it to be.  I have a bad habit of shouting at my screen when I am frustrated with the software. In the past 4 or 5 months of using Tableau, it has been a joy to work with and I am sure my blood pressure must be lower!


              The 'green and black' thing that Qlikview does with global filtering is very effective and simple on first viewing but in my opinion users get quite sophisticated quite quickly and this seemed to me to be somewhat limiting.


              On an aesthetic note Qlikview struck me as looking a bit clunky compared with Tableau where the graphics look very sharp indeed.  This is not the most important aspect I accept but almost invariably your findings are going to have to be shown to somone else, possibly even in some sort of approval process and this type of thing can either turn your viewer on if done well, or turn them off if done badly.


              Finally, and again in agreement with Andy, for me one of the most inspired aspects about Tableau is its ability to empower ordinary folk to get on with finding answers in their data without the need go through the filtration (or is that dilution) process demanded by so many IT departments, whose prime concern seems to be security and compliance (a bit jaundiced, I know). Qlikview looks to me more like a product that would sit comfortably in the IT department.  It is the type of product they would expect to work with.  Don't get me wrong here, Qlikview is a million times better that working with the products from 'Old School' vendors, but given the choice Tableau for me was an absolute no brainer.  And actually I believe that simplicity is just as much an advantage to the IT department as well, but this is not often their first concern.


              It is interesting that you come to a Tableau forum with this question though.  Have you asked the same question at the Qlikview equivalent and what did you find out there?


              Good luck with your research. And by the way, in case you are wondering; no I am not employed by Tableau.

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                I checked QlickView out some time ago, mainly for their iOS app. My impressions were very similar to Matthew's - nice output, clever filtering, but clunky and often confusing UI (for designers, not viewers). For example, most of the tasks are accomplished by opening some properties dialog and manipulating a lot of different controls without instant visual feedback. Only after you hit Apply or OK button can you see the result. Tableau has a bit of this too, but most of the stuff is done visually, by dragging and dropping.

                I also had a feeling that QlickView will require a lot more ETL and IT involvement, which may be good or bad thing, depending on your circumstances.


                Andy, I did find QlickView demos in the end (I was mainly after design ones, not output), but I had to dig around a lot, while in Tableau - hover over Product Centre (first link), click Product Tour, and see it all in one video.

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                  guest contributor

                  I have used both products in commercial application development projects, and QlikView is a much more robust and capable tool. Tableau may be easier to use for a novice but QlikView offers much more capability with just a slightly longer learning curve. It is quite easy for a novice to build a complete application in QlikView using data from different source systems and types(Excel vs.Oracle or Access vs.MS-SQL-Server) with a day or two of usage if the user has used any other BI tool for dashboard creation.

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                    guest contributor

                    Has anyone compared these products with OBIEE?

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                      Here is a very interesting blog article comparing some products (it is short and easy to read):


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                        Tableau kumar

                        Tableau VS QV.pngTableau VS all.png

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                          Daniel Senisse

                          Hi all,


                          Last comparative chart was great.

                          Do you have any update of this?

                          Thanks a lot.


                          Daniel Senisse