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    Tableau Desktop 6 crashes all the time now :(

      Hi fellow Tableaunians,


      I have updated to the new version 6, and began working on a new workbook.  All was well until I hit maybe past 130 sheets, now everytime I try to click on another sheet, or try to start a new one, or even right click anywhere in Tableau, it will take some time to load, and then crash. 


      At first the crash, was okay, as all I had to do was go back into Tableau and continue working from where it left off, (of course losing my unsaved work), but I was still able to continue working for quite some time.  Then it got worst after more sheets were added, as it started crashing on every click you make literally !!.  Hence I cannot even progress with my work anymore.  If I was to open up the twb file in tableau right now, all I would have to do is click on any sheets, or right click somewhere on anything, and Tableau would crash !! :(

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Hans,


          I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with Tableau 6.0.  Please e-mail customer support so that they can work with you to securely request your log files and if possible your workbook(s).  Additionally please always upload your crash reports to Tableau when prompted so that we can examine them for the location of the crash.




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            guest contributor



            I am building a dashboard where I actually want to take a bit more control of how space is used on the screen: therefore I create text boxes and cells (sheets with 1 value) that I arrange along with a map and a filter action.

            The software has crashed a couple of times while I was trying to build the dashboard.


            Still, I am far of the 130 sheets: I barely hit the 30 when it crashed, with a reasonnable single-sheet excel Data source (300Rows X 40 Col.)


            Further than this, I am also wondering whether the way to build my dashboard is right.

            Is there any way to link single-cell elements to data dependent on a filter action? (like in other dashboard software)





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              Joe Mako



              As for the crashing while editing a dashboard, if you are using 6.0.6, contact Tableau support - support@tableausoftware.com , I believe they have a fix for this situation.


              As for your other question, can you provide a sample workbook that demonstrates your situation?