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    Cannot clear filter selections

    . christopherutley

      I have a worksheet in a Dashboard that I use as a Filter.  I can select single-multiple items, and the Dashboard filters as you would expect (see attached image).  The problem is I can't clear the selections without clicking on the TINY column header "Illness" (see just above "Hypertension" in the attached image).


      In Tableau Desktop I can click elsewhere in the worksheet to clear the selections, and I can also use the ESC key to clear them.  When published to Tableau Server, and viewed in IE, Firefox, or Safari - the only way I can clear them is by clicking the column header.  This isn't particularly user friendly, so I hope it's not the expected behavior. 


      You'll notice I included some help text instructing the user to use ESCAPE to clear the selections...  This was included before I realized it wasn't actually working.


      Thanks in advance.


      Chris Utley

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