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    County locations on map

    . LHenshaw

      Good morning!


      I have 3,100 data points each tied to a specific US county that I am uploading to a map. All of the counties except for 340 are "mappable". Tableau is not recognizing the other 340 even though they are valid counties. When I click on county/Geographic Role/Edit Locations, I do not get a listing of all US counties, so I don't have a way to annotate them correctly on the map. My datasheet has the state tied to each county as well as the fips code, but I do not know where I can insert that criteria into Tableau to map the remaining 340 data points.


      Can you please help me?


      Thank you!


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          Dan Jewett

          Hi Lydia,


          Can you send us the list of the 340 that aren't mapping. I'd like to see what they are so we can figure out how to handle them. We might just need to help you with some custom geocoding until we can update our built-in geocoding.


          Best thing would be to open a Tableau Support case, and attach the data set (all 3100 if you can).




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            Rebecca Sundquist

            I am having a similar issue with county maps.  My unmapped data points are independent cities.  I would like for these to show up on the county map.  Am I missing something in the built-in geocoding that would map St. Louis City, Baltimore City, Richmond City, etc?  or do I need to go custom?




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              guest contributor

              Good morning. I am new at this and am having difficulty starting a project. We will be using Tableau for mapping where we are accepting referred patients. I can't seem to figure out how to plot 10 simple data points on the map. Could someone help me get started? Thanks!

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                Michael Cristiani
                If you provide a bit more info there will likely be many offers of assistance. Basically, you have some options, depending on what you want to map and how you are maintaining/updating/providing the data source to Tableau. For example:
                • If you are mapping counts of patients at the ZIP or postal code level, your data source should have a column that contains the correctly formatted ZIP (5 digits) or postal code for each patient. Then, select ZIP from your Dimensions list and either drag it into the view or click the Show Me button on the tool bar, where you will see that the Map is selected as the most appropriate visualization, then click Ok. Then select a measure, like Number or Records, onto the Size or Color shelf to visualize the count of the Number of Records in each ZIP.
                • If you are mapping the roof-top or ZIP+4 location of each new referred patient, you will have to have the latitude and longitude (preferably in decimal degrees and 4 or more decimal places) of each patient address. You can have columns with this information in your patent table, or join a separate table with this information. In either case, there are several ways to get this information. A convenient approach, especially if you use Excel as your data source, is to use the free service provided at http://batchgeocode.com or similar service; provide a list of addresses and it returns the latitude and longitude or each. Once you have latitude and longitude for each address, in a new view -> right click latitude (for southern hemisphere, be sure your latitude values are preceded by a minus sign)and drag it to the Row shelf, then select latitude from the list presented by the Drop field dialong (first choice). Repeat for longitude (for western hemisphere, be sure your longitude values are preceded by a minus sign) , placing it on the column shelf (for western hemisphere, be sure your longitude values are preceded by a minus sign).
                You may also want to consult the online help at Building a Map View. Hope this helps. MANY BLESSINGS! Peace and All Good!Michael W CristianiMarket Intelligence Group, LLC1-513-333-0710
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                  . johnchill

                  I have done as you suggested above in 'If you are mapping counts of patients at the Zip...' When I rest my mouse on one of the data points on the map, the tooltip show ZipCode and Number of Records. The Number of Records is almost always '1', even though the actual number of records is more than one. What could be causing this?

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                    Michael Cristiani

                    Hello, John.


                    Do you have the option of providing some data or attached the .twbx, perhaps with sanitized data if it is not public?  Or perhaps a screenshot? 


                    MANY BLESSINGS!

                    Peace and All Good!

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