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    Periodic data refresh

    . glinkot
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          Dan Jewett

          I can't promise this for v6 - but it is an item we talk about in our planning sessions.

          In the meantime, the best guidance we can provide is to use some external tool to automate sending keystrokes to the application - for example to every few minutes send an F5 keystroke (or an alt-d-s for the Data - Refresh Extract menu command). 


          I've successfully used a free program called AutoHotKey to do this. I'm sure there are others available to send keystrokes.

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            . glinkot

            Thanks Dan.  I've thought about the same, but tend to keep tableau on my 2nd monitor telling me interesting things.  If I set it to change focus to Tableau and refresh, it'll make me lose focus of whatever app I'm using which will drive me crazy!


            If I had it on a dedicated machine though I agree, that would be a good start.


            Anyway, any movement to an upcoming release would be great- its a dashboard tool and this was the first option I looked for back when I started my trial and connected to data!


            Cheers mate

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              guest contributor



              Just to add that this is also one of the first things I looked for now that I'm evaluating the software and am suprised that it is not included. Dashboards that don't update periodically don't make much sense.

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                . Mcnike

                +1, I would highly recommend adding this functionality, as it is a recurring theme with our management. 


                We run our company using a variant of Toyota's "Visual Control System" - our entire plant is covered in metrics.  For our new facility we are aiming to replace all white-boards with touch-screens running Tableau dashboards.  However, if the data is as stale on Tableau as it is on on the white-board, then why shell out the $$$'s for touch screens? Why pursue an IT solution when a paper-based approach is almost as good?


                I can just imagine myself getting laughed out of the board room when I try explaining the hack I'd need to run to make up for what seems like it should be the CORE of this tool - full control over the numbers crunched and the data displayed.

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                  +1 would be a very nice feature, especially in combination with the dashboard slider: http://www.tableausoftware.com/forum/dashboard-slider-functionality

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                    guest contributor


                    Has any progress been made on implementing this feature as it very importaant to how I would like to use Tableau?


                    Also why when on a dashboad and you hit F5 doe only a selected graph update, surely the whole dashboard should update or at least tehre should be an "Refresh All" option?


                    How do people script refreshing a dashboard with multiple graphs for different data sources at the moment?



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                      . mph

                      We use Tableau for montitoring production of automotive components.  Our data updates every second and we want to show live dashboards.  Since most of users are just viewing dashboards and not interacting with them we have automated continous publishing of PNG files using tabcmd.  We have a central respository of up-to-date PNG files that can be accessed by multiple applications including web servers, web browsers, screen savers, PowerPoint, custom .NET apps, etc.

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                        guest contributor


                        Has there been any progress on adding automatic periodic refreshing?