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    ProgramData folder

    . AKS

      It looks like by default tableau server data files are stored in c:\ProgramData folder (Vista)

      Is there anyway to save files in another drive? for exmaple d:

      Basically I don't want eveytime i publish my workbooks they go to the C: drive

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          James Baker

          If I recall correctly, we only install to the ProgramData directory when you install Tableau Server to the Program Files directory.  If you install to some other place outside of Program Files, your user data should not be diverted to the ProgramData folder, but instead it should be alongside the program's files where you specify.

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            . AKS

            Actually i installed it on my E:\ drive but still data goes to c:\ProgramData

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              James Baker

              You are correct; I was wrong.  The code uses the "ProgramData" environment variable if it exists, without respect to the application install directory.  I see that you've already escalated this issue through Dan, so you know that we'll be looking into this.  Sorry for my incorrect remembrance!

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                  James Baker

                  The fix is coming!  I've been personally working on this, and we literally 'held the presses' so that we could get this fix into the shortly forthcoming 5.0.4 maintenance release.


                  Whenever your installation directory is NOT within Program Files, your user data will be located with your program installation and NOT within ProgramData.  An installation to D:\myserver, for example, will be completely encapsulated within that folder.

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                    Ben Sullins

                    I am actually seeing this on my production server where we have Tableau Server 6.1 installed on a separate Fusion IO drive. There are two volumes on C under Tableau Server that have 20GB of stuff in them also. Is it possible this is a bug or some other config I can edit?


                    Version 6.1.3

                    (Build 6100.11.0926.1918)

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                      Budy Sugianto

                      Hi James, when we installed Tableau Server v6.1 into a folder other than default Program Files folder, e.g D:\Tableau Server\ ; is Tableau server put all data and temporary under the folder?

                      Though this is not an elegance settings, IMO, but if we have to conserved storage as low as possible on system drive or system partition as well as the requirement of storage backup only for data, than we can sure that we can put all Tableau server's program data into other than system partition.

                      Please clarify because I can't find the information on server admin manual.