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    Login to Tableau Server

    . AKS

      I uninstalled Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop, and installed a fresh copy of Tableau Server 5, but when i try to publish or login to tableau server, i get the error "invalid username or password" i am not using AD. i use my Windows account to loging to the server.

      Anybody has seen this problem before?

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          James Baker

          The installation of Tableau Server concludes with the act of setting up an initial administrator account via a browser.  Did you do this?  Is this the account you are trying to use to login?  Why are you using your Windows account if your server is not set to use Active Directory authentication?

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            James Baker

            Another common issue you may be running into is this: uninstalling Tableau Server does not delete your data.  If you wish to delete your data after uninstalling, you have to delete the Tableau Server folder in Program Files (or ProgramData for Vista+ systems) with your data backup in it - otherwise the next installation of Tableau Server will restore your data from the previous backup -- including all user data.

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              . AKS

              I found the original password i used but still it is not clear what is going on.

              I installed taleau server few weeks ago and during installation i enter xxx as password (i correct myself i didn't use windows account), then since then i uninstall the tableau server and all its components (repository,...) but when i go to the system registry i still can see tableau entities still sitting there.


              I reinstalled tableau server, during installtion never asked me for the server password other then the screen which asked you for a windows account. even though this is a fresh install now, still my old password from few weeks ago is the real password for the tableau server!!! i'm not sure where this password is saved? why fresh install doesn't override it

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                James Baker

                Yes, it's as I suspected in my 2nd post above.  I'll repeat: uninstalling Tableau Server does not delete your data.  If you want a "fresh" install, you need to take an extra step to delete your data after uninstalling.  (Most people never have need of a fresh install, and we want to be very very careful about deleting peoples' data anyway!)

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                  guest contributor

                  I am having a similare issue...


                  I updated Tableau server last night to the latest version and now I cannot login using my admin credentials.  (I do not want a fresh install)  The odd part is that I have sent these credentials to other individuals all who used them successfully. The issue is apparently with me and the pc I am using.


                  I logged in from home with the same credentials successfully.


                  I have tried restarting all servers and pc’s.  At this point I am out of Ideas. 

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                    James Baker

                    Dear anonymous, I suggest contacting support if you have not already done so.  Tableau Server can use several different kinds of authentication, and this kind of issue can be difficult to diagnose on the forums - especially if it is an issue with your particular PC.

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                      guest contributor



                      I just installed tableau. For some reason it stopped responding and I had to log out. I have since been trying the username and password i had created but i am getting the error that the user name and password are invalid. Can you help. I am surprised i did not get an email after the installation as well.