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    Authentication and Tableau Data Sources

    Jason Miller

      Can someone explain how authetication works with tableau server and a sql server as data source. When i installed tableau server i did not select to use NT integrated security.

      Here is my setup with 2 servers:

      Server 1 = Server Running Tableau Server 4.1
       -Tableau was installed and running on port 7000
       -When i installed I selected to start tableau using account called: TableauAdmin
      - TableauAdmin has rights to LogOn services and is part of the Administrator group on Server1 
      - I can publish workbooks just fine to the server, just cant open them.  
      - Has IIS running 
      - Confirmed that no other services running on same port as tableau 
      - I installed and ODBC connection on this server to connect to server2 and it works just fine. 
      Server 2 = SQL 2000 Server with all of the data
      -Created a SQL login with read access, username = TableauAdmin with same password as used above for Server1
      -This server is part of a domain called WIN

      I cannot seem to open a workbook after i publish it.  What else do i need to do?

      - Do I need to publish my data sources??, I tried this, not working

      - Does the SQL account i use to connect to server2 in tableau desktop matter?


       I also tired modifying the data connections and putting in the server name and login/password stated above and got mixed results.  At one point by checking the SQL server log it appeared to be connecting to the server but passing "NULL" as username.  I was getting this error "Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection."

      Now the only error i get is:  "The worksheet "Sheet 1" has not been opened because it is based on the data source "JHHIEncounters (Casemix)", which could not be opened"


      There must be something i am missing..  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  





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          James Baker

          During your Tableau Server installation, it sounds like you selected "Local" authentication rather than "Active Directory" authentication.  This is actually just for the purposes of logging into TS, and we can set that issue aside.


          Using "NT Integrated" authentication is actually a function of a data connection.  When editing an SQLServer data connection in Tableau Desktop, you can toggle between that (where your Windows credentials are automatically used) or supplying a specific username and password.  I'm not quite sure which you are using (perhaps you've tried both, as I read it).


          If you're using username/password credentials, then the credentials you give on Desktop would be the same that you would give (or embed) on Server.  If you're using "NT Integrated" auth, then that's when the "Run as..." user of Server becomes important.  Just as the Windows account that is running Desktop is used to authenticate there, that Windows account is used to authenticate when a workbook is published to TS.


          SQL Server can be configured in different modes: It can accept either integrated or username authentication, or both in what's called "mixed mode" IIRC.  Which way is your database configured?

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            Jason Miller



            Yes i have tried both methods and not having any luck.  I wish there was a way to test the data source within tableau server, just like you can via ODBC connection to ensure it can connect to the server where the data resides.


            So how do i get SQL authentication to work for users?


            Are you saying the login name and password i use to get onto my local machine is what will be sent to tableau server for authentication?  Is there anyway to have a box popup to authenticate them using their SQL login name/password?  Users are already familar with this when the ODBC connection is utilized via ms access.


            When i login to tableau desktop the only thing i enter username and password for is my SQL login when i connect to data.  I then build a visualization and publish to TS.  Whats the next step to get it to work via sql login for all my users.  The access will be based on their SQL login permissions.  If they have access to the tables contained in the data connection, then the vizualization will display.


            Can TS work this way(using SQL authetication entirely)?


            The account i use to connect to data exists on SQL server, i tried to edit data connection and put this same SQL account info in on TS data connection.  I am still not getting any response.  Its somehow not able to see the sql server i assume or not passing the login info..  I tested via ODBC connection and it can see the server with no problems, it seems TS is not configured?


            any ideas?




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              James Baker

              If you are entering a SQL login to connect to your data while in Tableau Desktop, then you are not using "NT Integrated" authentication mode.  The Windows account that is running Tableau Server is thus not important (other than that it have network access).


              Tableau Server can and does work with either mode.


              So when you say that you can't open a workbook after you publish it, do you mean (to be absolutely clear) that you see a login page when you try to view a visualization on the web, and that no SQL login that you try will work - it keeps telling you that the username/password are incorrect?


              Are the SQL Server drivers installed on the Tableau Server machine?

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                Jason Miller



                NO login page appears when I click on a published workbook on the web.  How can i get this to appear? 


                The server that is running TS 4.1 has SQL 08 running.  I also tried downloading and installing:




                Still no login page.  Any ideas on what we are missing?

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                  . mpettengill

                  I am having the same problem using SQL Server 2008 as a data source from a workbook on the Tableau server.


                  I am able to get a successful ODBC connection from the Tableau server, but in Tableau I get:


                  "Invalid username or password, please try again"


                  even when using correct credentials.


                  Is this a known problem?


                  Please advise.





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                    James Baker

                    The multiple authentication methods provided by SQLServer, and the setup of Tableau Server to work with them, can be confusing.  Given the low-bandwidth nature of writing in a forum thread, I'd recommend contacting support@tableausoftware.com and talking through your situation with them.

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                      Rob Mitchell

                      Hi James,


                      Can you elaborate on what the problem might be when I can see the login page and no login will work.  We have a fresh out of the box server set up and I'd like to be able to take a solution to our IT department if possible.


                      Thanks a ton


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                        James Baker

                        Your SQL Server might be configured in "NT Authentication" mode - if you don't have to enter a username/password using Tableau Desktop then it at least allows this mode, and if you're using your Windows username/password and being rejected it is very likely in ONLY this mode.


                        If it's intended that your SQL Server be in NTAuth mode, then the Tableau Server "Run As" Windows user (set in the "Configure Tableau Server" utility app) needs to have access rights to your SQL Server.

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                          guest contributor

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