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    Dynamic Annotations, Titles or Subtitles

    . JasonMack
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          Erin Easter

          Hi Jason,


          You can add dynamic content to a point or mark using the menu on the right side of the annotation dialog box. But you're right that the content available in that menu is specific to the mark or point you are annotating. You can use the Summary card to show information about the entire data set. Turn on the Summary card by selecting View > Summary. By default it shows the Count, which is the number of records shown in the view. You can add your revenue measure to the Level of Detail shelf to show other measures.


          See the help topic about the Summary Card to learn more.



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            Erin Easter

            Hey Jason,


            I just thought of another option for you. You could create a text table that shows the values you want to include in the annotation (revenue and count) and then combine it with the view on a dashboard. This option gives you a bit more flexibility than the summary card, especially if you are sharing your results with others. Unlike the summary card, you can format the text table and it will be included when you publish it to PDF, export to image, or publish to Tableau Server.


            I've attached a workbook as an example. The first sheet shows a map view that uses the summary card to show the overall stats. The second is a dashboard that shows the map view along with a text table that includes the overall stats. Finally the third sheet is the summary table (using the Measure Names field).


            I hope that helps!


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              . glinkot

              Any plans to add this one?  For dashboards and things it would be good to be able to have a floating text in the corner of your chart with 'total for graph' or whatever.  Eg in a bug tracker, you might have bugs by category and a big number in the top right that indicates 'total bugs'.  Hopefully most of the code and logic is already in place from the 'quick table calculation' functionality.

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                guest contributor

                Erin, I tried your workbook - thanks for the example. The difference in behavior is that if one selects certain marks, the summary card updates; the summary table doesn't. Am I missing something?

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                  Erin Easter



                  When I made this example I was just showing how you can include a static table showing some summary details. Since then we've introduced Actions, which are ways to add interactivity to your views and link several views together. Attached is a new example that shows the same map view but now the summary table in the dashboard updates when you select marks on the map. The way I did this was simply by selecting Use as Filter for the map view in the dashboard. Check out the Filter Actions quick start guide to learn more about using Actions.


                  Hope that helps!