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    Trusted authentication

    Thomas B



      I am now trying to set up a trusted connection between my web application and Tableau Server.

      After watching the video you put in the latest newsletter (http://www.tableausoftware.com/videos/embedding), i understood that the trusted connection really is between the application and Tableau Server (and not between the client and Tableau Server).

      Now in order to do this, the IP of the web application server has been added to Tableau trusted hosts. We get a ticket from Tableau Server using the IP of our application server + a username registered in Tableau Server. Then we use this ticket to try and get views using the special url http://tabserver/trusted/#{ticket}/#{view_url_path}?#{params}"

      We are using ASP.NET on IIS for our web application.

      If we try to go to our test page directly from the web application server (ie. using Firefox on this server), it works, we can get the ticket and see the Tableau workbook inside our iframe.

      I we try from a different computer, we can get the ticket but then we receive the following error:


      An error has occurred.

      Error: Couldn't validate request

      Details: Attempting to retrieve ticket from the wrong ip address


      Now if i change the way we get the ticket and put the IP of the client computer this time (and the IP of the client has been added to the trusted hosts of course), we can get the ticket and see the workbook .


      Do you have any idea about how we could set up this trusted connection so that we don't to register in the trusted hosts each and every client machine connecting to the web application ?


      Thank you !


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          Jeff Solomon



          You've almost got it.


          You need not put the IP of every client machine in the trusted_hosts list. Just the IP address of your web application is required and you've done that. Good.


          Your mistake is in putting the IP address of the web application in as the client_ip parameter. The client_ip parameter should be the IP address of the client (where the browser is running).


          In your second experiment, you did the right thing, but you didn't need to add the browser's IP address to the trusted_host list.


          Give that a try and let me know if it solves your problem.



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            Thomas B

            It worked!




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              guest contributor

              Hi Thomas,


              I am trying to implement the trust relationship between Tableau Server and my ASP.Net application, but its not working. I have seen the video. I think I am missing out something. Since you have also implemented this in can you please help me with the code sample?


              Thanks in advance.