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    Embedding passwords in workbooks

    David. Lewis

      I am publishing some workbooks to tableau server that use connect to several different servers and db's (all sql server) with fairly high level permissions.  Because these db permissions are much higher than those the tableau users have, I would like to embed them in the worksheets.  The tableau help file has a page on embedding passwords stating that there is a passwords... button on the bottom left corner of the publish workbook dialog box, but that does not exist on my version of tableau (4.1 pro).  I have tried saving the passwords on the server on the 'modify connections' page, but that did not work either. 

      After publishing to the server, when I view the workbooks I am prompted for the password for each db the workbook accesses.  Please advise how I can take care of this behind the scenes so the users don't have to do anything.  thx.  D. Lewis

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          James Baker

          "Embedded Passwords" is a global server setting that needs to be turned on by a Tableau Server admin - settings are in the Maintenance page of the Admin menu.  The next time you log in from Tableau Desktop, you'll then see that option.

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            David. Lewis

            FYI, here's how we resolved the situation.  1) We created a windows account for the tableau service, and have tableau run under that account. 2) we added the tableau service as a server login to all the various db servers.  3) we added the tableau service as a user to all the relevant db's, in the role of db_datareader. 4) I ensured that the tableau workbooks  use windows integrated security. 5) I republished all the workbooks to the server. 

            That appears to have resolved all the issues. 

            A note to the tableau technical writers -- you could outline something like this (adding in the step where on the tableau server you make the appropriate selections on Administration>>Maintenance>>Settings) in the help docs and maybe on a faq on this site.  Apologies of course if this is already somewhere in the documentation, but I didn't find it.  I also understand that this is specific to sql server...

            Great product and support, though!  thanks!

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              . tbahlke

              I checked "Embedded Credentials" on the server, logged out and back in through desktop and am not seeing an option to save the credentials.

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                . tbahlke

                How'd this work for you?  When I tried this, I was unable to connect to the server - from anywhere.  Had to go back to network service.

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                  James Baker

                  tbahlke - are you using SQL Server and Windows authentication, or are you using a database password?  Tableau Server "Embedded Credentials" refers to the latter, while the "Run As User" is relevant to the former.

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                    guest contributor

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