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    Microsoft JET database error 0x80004005: Query is too complex.

    . MidnightDragon

      I'm encountering a lot of these errors the more I use Tableau (just started with 4.1 Standard). Usually when creating groupings within dimensions and sometime when creating filters that enumerate included or excluded values.


      I have not been using extractions much because I see them as just another layer that complicates life when my data file gets updated and I want to refresh the data used in Tableau. If I add the use of extractions will it reduce the number of errors of this type?


      I know I could just try it (and I will) but I'm posting here looking for some info on what exactly happens during an extraction. I know the MS Jet engine is used to query against CSV files, which is what I'm normally using, but how are extractions stored? Is the Jet engine used with them also? If so, I'm not sure including an extraction will help.


      I'm curious because sometimes I also get similar errors that say they are "Firebird" errors. I know that's another database but I'm not using data from a Firebird database. Do extractions get stored in an intermediate Firebird database behind the scenes?