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    Connect to SSAS

    . Philippe



      I am trying to test the tool, but I am not able to connect to SSAS cube. I get the message :


      Analysis Services database error 0x80004005: Unable to connect to the Analysis server. The server name '.' was not found. Please verify that the name you entered is correct, and then try again

      The drivers necessary to connect to Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 are not properly installed.  If you are connecting to an Analysis Services 2005 server you will require updated drivers.  You may visit http://www.tableausoftware.com/drivers to download driver setup files.

      Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


      I tried to install the SSAS driver wich is under support/download, but I got a message telling me that my actual driver version is more recent than the one I am trying to install.


      So ?


      Thank you in advance for your response,



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          James Baker

          Hi Philippe,


          I don't know offhand.  You may want to contact support@tableausoftware.com and provide the version number of your newer driver (or your Tableau log file, if you can't find that).  They should be able to tell you whether a version is incompatible or supported.

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            guest contributor



            Does anyone know if this issue was ever resolved, and if so, how? I have a business user that is receiving the same error.


            She was able to connect to SSAS last Friday -- this week, she gets the error -- no known changes to the PC (although it's possible that desktop support could have pushed out updates over the weekend).  Permission on the cube has been verified to be ok, and the problem seems isolated to her PC.  She is able to ping the server.  Any help is appreciated.




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              guest contributor

              A common reason this occurs is if you're just setting up SSAS and you have Windows Firewall enabled on your SQL server. By default it blocks port 2383 which is needed for SSAS, so you'll need to go in and set an inbound rule to accept traffic on that port.

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                Paulo Dantas

                Another thing that can be is different domains, so you need alter the connection form data source to put the complete domain, if in this case (my case) your Tableau server domain it´s different from SSAS.