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    Essbase v9.3.1 Drill Downs

    Ian Waring

      We have a new release of ESSBASE that allows us (at least in the Excel add-on Hyperion provide) to drill down into the records behind a summary total. Tableau doesn't appear to support this. Any ideas if or when it will?


      Ian W.

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          Ian Waring

          Just in case it helps, this relates to "Linked Objects" in ESSBase V9.3. The guidelines we have here for their Excel add-in says:


          "If you have navigated to a low enough level then you will see an object with a type of “Drill-Through” and a description of “Essbase Integration Services Drill-Through”. If this item isn’t visible then you haven’t navigated to a low enough level.


          Click on the “View/Launch” button. If you are at a level which meets more than one of the conditions from drill-through then a "Select Drill-Through Report" dialog box will appear where you can select the appropriate Available Report."


          In my case, I can't get to all the meaty detail for Sales in a specific sales region unless I can make it over that bridge - which I can't appear to do in Tableau. Unless someone knows differently!


          Ian W.

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            Austin Dahl

            You can drill down into the dimensions.  There are a couple of ways to do it:

            1) Click the plus on the pill on the row or column shelf.

            2) Right click on the pill and select the generation (or level) that you would like to switch.


            However, the way you are asking, I suspect that you want to drill down into a measure hierarchy.  For example, many Essbase examples put Margin and Expenses under Profit.  You'd probably like to drill down on Profit and have it expand Margin and Expenses, or at least  be able to choose from one of the two.


            There is no simple way to do this, you must drag out the measure from the schema viewer and add to (or replace) the measure.


            I can't say if or when it will be in the product (we generally don't comment on future releases), but it will get consideration.

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              guest contributor

              Hi Austin - I believe the question is about drilling to details, not drilling down within the hierarchy.

              In your example, if a person was looking at Expenses, in Essbase they'd be able to drilldown to the invoice lines that make up the aggregated Expense total.


              I am also trying to do this with Tableau.  However, I can only do it if I turn off the alias file.  I have a relational table in Oracle that contains the details.  I would like people to be able to drilldown on an intersection of month and account (example, Jun 2009 and Vehicle Expenses).  My table contains the invoice lines that make up Vehicle Expenses.  However, this table (controlled by the Essbase support team) only contains the member names for month and account, not the Alias names. 


              It would be nice if Tableau could pass the member name in a hyperlink.  This would solve my problem.


              Any thoughts on how I can do it?




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                Austin Dahl



                Thanks for the clarification on the drilling to details.  I think I understand your questions better now.  As I understand it, the Essbase cube is created as a roll up form relational tables.  As part of the process a breadcrumb is stored in the Essbase grid that allows a reference back to the original relational that was rolled into the cell. 


                A couple of years ago some of the developers of Essbase gave me a quick demo of this with the Essbase Excel Add-in.  At the time I think they called it BPM drill through.  It is a neat feature.


                Part of the problem is that place the Essbase folks decided to store the drill through breadcrumb is accessible with the Essbase grid API, but not their MDX API, which is the one Tableau uses (and is more compatible with other cubes like Analysis Services).


                Another approach, as you suggest, is to try hyperlinking and passing in a member name.  I have a feeling that you could do this, but with some limitations.  As an earlier comment suggested, I think can be difficulties depending on what your alias table is set to -- setting the alias table to none, might be the only option.  There may be a mismatch between databases because Tableau can sometimes use fully qualified member names, which might not be an exact match with the keys in the relational table.


                I'm going to play around with this in the next day or two and see if I can get anywhere.  I'll post something if I can get it working.



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                  guest contributor

                  Does any one have a sample of Marting Campaign ESSBASE outline? Or can you direct me to where I can download it? thank you

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                    guest contributor

                    Sorry - my bad.

                    Does any one have a sample of Marketing Campaign ESSBASE outline? Or can you direct me to where I can download it? thank you


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                      guest contributor

                      Hi, I traing to to a drill trought report in Web Analysis but when I going to create the data base conection I can't all the string for JDBC I have error I  don't know what happen I need to show some 5 column with had a detail please is some one know I have go live this week and I have SR and I don't have answer.