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    Improved Export Function

    . Joe

      I would really like to see the ability to export multiple tabs to ONE Excel spreadsheet, with the tabs in Tableau being the same tabs in Excel.  That would be a great enhancement.  I would also like to see the printing capabilities improved.  More on that later.

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          Erin Easter

          Hi Joe,


          Thank you for the suggestion. Just to be clear, are you requesting to be able to export an entire Tableau workbook cross-tabs in excel? That is,  each view in Tableau would be exported as a cross tab and become it's own worksheet in an Excel workbook?


          What's the scenario that you are wanting this functionality? Specifically, what types of things are you doing with the data back in Excel after you've built the view in Tableau?



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            . Joe

            Not quite.  I would like to be able to export a few tabs. Right now you can do this one tab at a time, but it would be nice to highlight a few tabs on Tableau and export them to a spreadsheet.  This would be a big time saver instead of cutting and pasting.  We have clients that just want a spreadsheet of data.  Your Reader software does not work for us, because our datasets are so large.

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              guest contributor

              I am surprised you cannot export multiple tabs to excel at one time.  I am developing prototypes using the global feature and have to export every tab one at a time.  Can we expect an enhancement soon?

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                James Baker

                Frankly, it's not yet on our radar.  As Erin said above, any additional description of your use case would be appreciated.  Is Tableau serving any use here, or is it just a "database to Excel cross-tab" tool you're looking for?

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                  . rgiroux88

                  I think it'd be really useful to be able to export directly to PowerPoint. I often have to update slide decks. Right now I have to copy and paste visualizations from Tableau into Powerpoint individually.


                  It'd be really nice to have a feature where Tableau would export each tab into a separate PowerPoint slide including the title and caption.

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                    Michael Cristiani

                    Hello, rgiroux88.


                    There are some fine examples on the http://www.tableaucustomerconference.com web site of how to use Tableau itself as a presentation tool.  I am thinking of the training sessions located at http://www.tableaucustomerconference.com/sessions/training/.  One session from the Conference that comes to mind is Means, Modes, Percentiles & Outliers: Using Tableau to Understand Distributional Data.  Michael Drumheller and Ty Alevizos have posted the Tableau packaged workbook from this session at http://www.tableaucustomerconference.com/files/TCC08-HT-Means-Modes-Percentiles-Outliers-Using-Tableau-to-Understand-Distributional-Data.twbx.  We have done similar projects for our clients, and they work out great for the audience.


                    This is the inverse of what you are looking to accomplish, but it does give you live interactive visualizations on the fly.  In combination with Annotation and Conditional Data Labels, and the improved Dashboards (see Jock Mackinlay and Scott Sherman's excellent workbook), this approach is quite powerful and makes story telling and exploration a snap.


                    MANY BLESSINGS!

                    Peace and All Good!

                    Michael W Cristiani



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                      . rgiroux88

                      Hi Michael,


                      Certainly good advice and I do use Tableau as a presentation tool when I am the presenter. The thing is that I often have to do an analysis, present it, and then the conclusions become slides in some executive's presentation to our board. Said executives of course not being Tableau users.


                      This is why it would really help to be able to package my analysis as a powerpoint deck when I'm done. At least that way I'd have a starting point when preparing executive slide decks.


                      Also, I'm aware that there are products out there that are designed to link PowerPoint decks to live data, however, this doesn't give you the flexibilty to do an analysis.


                      I think there are probably other analysts out there that face the same dilemma.


                      - Russell

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                        Eron Lloyd

                        I'd like to simply have a batch export functionality, generally. Apply the same layout and format settings, and select multiple sheets to output in the desired file type (PNG, EMF, etc.)

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                          guest contributor

                          I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I'd really like to be able to specify the size of the PNG that's exported when appending .PNG to the sheet name. The default is too small and clips some of my charts.




                          :width=1000px&:height=800px would really make a lot of sense.

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                            James Baker

                            This functionality theoretically exists: the format is :size=1000,800


                            However this may not be the best time to tell you about it - I think there's currently a bug on 5.1 where it doesn't actually produce the correct size in some (a lot?) of cases.

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                              guest contributor

                              Hi, I haven't seen any additional posts on exporting multiple excel tabs at once since James Baker's reply on 12/3/2008. Has the ability to do this been added? If not, is it on the radar yet?

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                                James Baker

                                It has not been added, and as far as the radar goes... to be completely honest I don't think there are many at Tableau that see the value proposition here.  Sure, it'd be a nice-to-have for some people... but there are so many things that fall in to that category, and we don't have time to get to a third of them.  "Lots of spreadsheets full of numbers" also just doesn't line up too well with what I might say is the core spirit of Tableau.  I'm not claiming to say for Tableau that we'd never build it, but...


                                Please do feel free to contribute more about the underlying need that would be met?

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                                  Richard Leeke

                                  This strikes me as another example of the sort of thing which comes up quite often, where people are looking to automate a mundane series of operations.  I can absolutely see why lots of these specific ideas would be unlikely to make the cut, but I do get the feeling that a general purpose approach to automating routine activities might be useful to a lot of people.  I posted some thoughts on this a while back here: http://www.tableausoftware.com/forum/automation-routine-activities and I can think of a few other threads on similar lines.


                                  Obviously that wouldn't explicitly handle creating multiple tabs in a single Excel workbook, but might still be helpful ...

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                                    guest contributor

                                    Need multiple sheet export as well... It would save hours of time! Also, ability to maintain current excel formatting, but just to update excel with new data on a monthly basis!!!

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