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    Combine two measures into one?

    Andy Cotgreave


      I have a file which lists all applicants by university, with columns on gender and ethnicity. However, instead of having one record per applicant, the data I have is basically a pivot table output.


      See the attached file for a simplified example - there are two rows, one for each college. There are four columns showing gender and year applicant numbers. What I want to do is do a chart of total applicants for one year, with the colour shelf showing the proportional split of gender. I also want to do a population pyramid of the data showing female values to the left of an axis and males to the right.


      However, because the data has essentially already been pivoted and grouped, I think I am out of luck. Tableau sees each column as a separate measure, so as far as I know, I can't combine them and get Tableau to see them as parts of one larger measure. Is there any way around my problem that you know of?





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          Dirk Karis

          It would certainly be more flexible to start with the original data.


          Tableau can combine measures using what's called Measure Names/Measure Values.  I've attached a sample using your excel data that shows the population pyramid for 02-03 on one sheet and the totals for 03-04 on another sheet.


          The population pyramid is built using a calculation that changes the female numbers to negative values.


          Unfortunately, there's only one Measure Names/Measure Values per sheet, so it's not possible to combine the 02-03 numbers into one measure and the 03-04 numbers into another measure on the same sheet.


          The easiest way to build these views is

          1. drag College Name to Rows

          2. drag Female Applicants to Columns

          3. drag Male Applicants onto the X-axis (female applicants)

          4. Move MeasureNames from the Rows shelf to the Color shelf

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            Andy Cotgreave

            Excellent answer! That's solved much of the problem.


            Do you have any plans to allow more than one Measure Name/Value per sheet?


            Thanks for the answer