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    Parameterizaton of Tableau Worksheets

    Dan Gerena

      My current BI toolset allows for parameter prompting at runtime, and those values are passed to the database in the SQL query. For instance, the report might prompt for year, month, or a contiguous date range start/end. Or it might prompt for certain attribute values, like Department, Physician, etc.


      Although Tableau currently allows ad hoc filtering once the data is retrieved, this requires ALL data to be retrieved. Often, analysis is only desired on a specific subset of the data, without the need for all records to be retrieved. I specifically index my database tables based on how I parameterize the reports, thus this allow for the user not only to get the desired subset, but also allows for better query performance, as the index gets utilized upon query execution.


      Parameters also allow for runtme flexibility, so that I can publish a single worksheet, and parameterize by department, general ledger account range, date range, etc. This worksheet can then be used by backoffice accountants doing month end analysis or managers of departments, and up the hierarchy chain, because of the runtme flexibility.


      A note regardign this though. It would prove most useful if a "List of Values" can be prepopulated in some cases (like department listing) so the desired values can be selected from a drop-down instead of user input.

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