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    Multiple DataSources

    Rohit Kumar

      Hi Everyone,

      I have a problem and wanted to get your recommenadations on it .I want to built one dashboards connecting to two datasources and want to be able to “toggle” between the two on the dashboard.

      Can Tableau support this (perhaps with two radial buttons:

      Something like:

      (o)Fist Source

      ( ) Second Source



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          Alex Kerin

          Can the datasources be combined into one, then use a single value global filter on a calculated field to swap?

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            . Richardriver

            Hello everyone, I need to create a report (graph) from 2 data sources one is Netezza data source and the other is a excel based (lookup). I want to aggregate my report at the look up table level (in this case some custom grouping). When I include the field from the look up and then include data (sum) from the database, I dont get results. I get results when I add a given field from the database I get the data, however is aggregated at that level, which is not the level that I want. has anybody run into this problem?

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              Joe Mako



              Tableau 6 will have the features you are looking for, namely Data Intergration that allows you to join data on the fly on the worksheet from different data sources, eg Netezza and Excel.


              I am not sure what you mean when you say it is not at the level you want, can you provide an example?


              If what you are connecting Tableau to looks like:



              ID, Value, Total Value
               1, 5, 100
              2, 20, 100
              3, 25, 100
              4, 50, 100


              and you want to deal with the total value in a calculated field, you may want to use

              AVG([Total Value])


              If your situation is different, can you please provide an example like this?

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                . Richardriver



                      On the netezza side I have very granular data which I want to aggregate using a lookup (in this case the excel file).When creating the report I use one of the fields (columns of the excel file) in the report and then I add the metric (from netezza) that I want to aggregate, but the report does not show any data. Only when I add another dimension from the netezza source to the report the data comes out, however the data is now aggregated at the level of the dimension that I added from netezza, which is not what I need. (I am using 6.0Beta)



                id  catg  value

                1    A        5

                2    B        6

                3    C        7



                id  new_catg

                1    X

                2    X

                3    Y


                Desired Output


                new_catg  value (sum)

                X          11

                Y          7


                Tableau output

                blank if the above fields are add


                Tableau output (when adding netezza dimension)(obviously)

                catg    new_catg  value

                1        X        5

                2        X        6

                3        Y        7

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                  Robert Morton

                  Hi Richard,


                  In this case you may want to try using your Excel data source as your Primary.


                  A better way to do what you want is to create an Ad-hoc Group in your Netezza data source; since your Excel data source defines this grouping, you can actually use that information to instantiate the grouping as an Ad-hoc Group in your Netezza data source.  Start with a blank worksheet, and drag your Primary join field and your Secondary grouping field into the view.  Then right-click on the Secondary and choose "Create Primary Group...".


                  Does this help?



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                    . Richardriver

                    Thanks Robert.. This works great!