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    5.2, ODBC and SAS

    Tim Latendress

      I have been trying to get Tableau to read SAS datasets using the new ODBC connection available in 5.2 with absolutely no success -- nothing even close. I am using a local SAS ODBCSERVER connections in SAS 9.2. The connection starts up SAS, I can see my SAS datasets in the "tables" window but when I select it Tableau exits and SAS is left running. The documentation in Tableau says the ODBC driver must be 3.0 compliant and the SAS documentation states their ODBC driver is 3.0 compliant. I sent the Tableau log and SAS log files to Tableau Support a few days ago but have not heard back yet.


      Have any of you had any success using the ODBC connection to read SAS datasets?


      Thanks for any and all advice you can give!



      Tim Latendress

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