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    Dashboard Background Images

      Wouldn’t it be nice if ... I could use a background image for a dashboard?


      I constantly make flyers for different groups that are really 2 or 3 dashboards printed to PDF.  They look beautiful except for on some I have a hard time getting all my images and other logos in the same spot from dash to dash.  As a result the page’s logos are not exactly in line.   


      Tableau makes my life easy, this addition would be sprinkles on top of that!

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          .Yann Treguier

          Funny coincidence.  I believe that what you are mentioning falls exactly under the topic I posted a few days ago ("Horizontal and vertical rulers to help design quick and consistent dashboards") to which I did not get any answers.


          I am very surprised by that actually as I expected James, Joe or Richard to pick that up.  Maybe this is a brand new kept secret feature that will be unveiled at the conference when they introduce 6.0....:-)

          I really hope so.

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            I just recently had some luck with fixing my problem.  I used a container for the "header" section and set the size from automatic to an exact size.  This is my “template”.  Then I can duplicate the dashboard template and add content.  This seemed to shape up all the out-of-wack images. 


            This works for simple dashboards, I'm not sure how it would work for more complex dashboards.