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    dashboard with multiple sheets and performance issues

    . Kkam

      We have a dashboard with 5 views and it is taking a long time to load. The performance of each individual view is acceptable and each one of them takes on average 3-4 seconds. However when we put everything together into the dashboard the load time increases as Tableau seems to be processing each view in sequence, hence adding up the load time. Also when we choose the option "show relevant values" in the quick filters it further slows down the load time, probably due to the sequential processing.


      I understand that we can tune the database to speed up the performance, however it will definitely help if Tableau can process the views in parallel. Is there something else we can do about this? Will adding additional servers help in this case? Any idea is appreciated.




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          guest contributor

          I am experiencing the same problem.  Any advice?

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            guest contributor

            We are definitely seeing the same thing.  We have hundreds of sophisticated dashboards that have multiple views and all of them are experiencing this problem.  This problem has steadily gotten worse.  We have tried throwing hardware at the problem but that doesn't seem to help.  Any feedback at all would be great appreciated!

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              Joe Mako

              In many situations there are multiple ways to get the same result view and effective interaction. Some methods slower to evaluate than others, and sometimes if you want the interaction to be faster, you may need to prepare your data for Tableau, other times a data blend can be faster than table calculations. Sometimes the way parameters are used can limit the data source's capabilities to aggregate quickly.


              Every situation is different, so I cannot provide any input without a packaged workbook that represents your situation. Other factors include what your data source is, and are you using table calculations, and what is the partition size of those table calcs, and how many marks you want to display at a time. The list goes on, the answer is, it depends on your exact situation.


              For some generic tips, check out the attached file, be aware it is slight dated so not all tips in there are applicable, and it is not all encompassing, but there are some very good ideas.


              If you would like assistance via this forum, you will need to provide a workbook, and it does not need to be real data. Otherwise if you would like confidentially, you will want to contact an experienced Tableau consultant or Tableau's Professional Services.