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    Server Worker

    David Hallman

      I'm trying to set up a Tableau Server Worker on a secondary machine.  Both my primary and secondary machines run Windows Server 2008 DataCenter as the OS.  Tableau server (5.2) runs fine on my primary box.  However, I'm having problems with Tableau Server Worker (5.2) on my secondary box.  The installation process completes successfully.  However,  I cannot, when adding the secondary server as a server, access the worker from my primary server.  Additionally, I think the installation of the worker is incomplete.  As a test, I installed Tableau Server Worker on one of my development boxes.  That installation appears to install more than that on my secondary box.  Stopping the service from the services manager gives me an error on both boxes (either unexpected termination or simple inability to communicate with the service).


      Has anybody run into any of this? 

      What am I missing?

      What services should show up on a box running Tableau Server Worker?

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          James Baker

          If you suspect you've got an aborted install, the best move is probably to send the logs from the worker and primary to Tableau Support.


          I don't know of any particular "partial-install-failure" problems myself.

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            David Hallman

            Thanks for the response James.  I just found the other files for my secondary server.  So it looks like the installation was successful.  Now, when I'm trying to add the secondary server, the primary server is simply telling me that my server worker is not responding.  I am running this in the Amazon cloud but have opened all the ports for TCP between my primary and secondary servers.


            There is nothing in the log other than the following:


            "Worker '###.###.###.###' is not responding.

            Make sure the worker is installed and running."


            Is there anything basic I should look for?

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              James Baker



              Don't you have to do something funky like hook up S3 as a disk to your EC2 instance in order to have persistent storage?  (This is just from a very very passing knowledge of EC2.)  I remember someone telling me that there were several issues that made EC2 not a good candidate for scaling out a distributed Tableau Server.  Unfortunately, I don't remember much more than that.

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                David Hallman

                OK.  Thanks. 


                Yeah we've got Tableau up and running fine using EBS (not S3).  It's just the worker I'm having a problem with.  Again.  Thanks.

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                  guest contributor

                  Hi David, I am having the same issue. did you manage to get the worker "Working" ?