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    Newbie Question: Quick Filter Sharing in Dashboard for Two Worksheets

    . Kes

      Hi Everybody,


      Great Soft! I have two worksheets that will show on the same dashboard and both of the them use the same quick filters. I would like to be able to filter both worksheets using the same quick filters taken from one of worksheet. I know that I could use global setting, but that would not work as I have other worksheets that I don't want to be changed. I guess I could create multiple workbooks with global filters, but that would not be an elegant solution.


      I was not able to get actions to work here as I want to have ability to filter in/out of these worksheets. I guess I could create separate worksheets for each dimension and measure I want to filter and then use actions to show them in the two worksheets.


      Do you have any other recommendations? Is it possible to share a quick filter between the two "selected" worksheets? I


      I appreciate your help!