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    Multiple Tables (this supercedes my post titles 'TABLE JOINS')

    . idw@hrgresearch.com

      I am having a problem with the 5.2 Trial version of Tableau Desktop.  It has to do with selecting multiple tables in order to create the necessary joins.


      First, I select Connect to Data and select an Excel spreadsheet.


      Then I see the Workbook Connection window and browse to get my files.


      Then I select my file and it's identified in the Workbook Connection.


      The I change the criteria #2 to a Multiple Table connection; and I proceed by clicking on the Add New Table button.


      But the resulting window does not show any additional tables.  There is only the initial table listed.  This is the problem that I am having.  I am not able to select additional tables from the exact same folder from which I selected my initial table.  Are all of the files supposed to be in a specific folder? 


      What is interesting is that if I use a sample Tableau database, it is easy to select additional tables at this point.  I even moved my files to the Datasources sub-folder within the Tableau Program Files.  That did not work either.


      What am I doing wrong?  How do I get additional tables to appear in the Add Table window after having selected Multiple Tables and then Add New Table?


      Thank you,