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    PowerPivot data access


      I was pretty excited to see that Release 5.2 can now connect to PowerPivot, but was dismayed to see that it's only for PowerPivot within Sharepoint.


      I would like to be able to connect to a .xlsx PowerPivot workbook directly. The in-memory engine is alredy native to the workbook so I don't see why the need for PowerPivot within Sharepoint http only.

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          Dan Jewett

          Hi Julius - the initial release of Tableau's PowerPivot support is only for the PowerPivot files that have been published to SharePoint. Direct connections to the local XLSX file on your desktop are not yet available. We are working with Microsoft to develop the APIs needed to support this, and hope to get it available in a future release.



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            Ross Green

            I'd like to second this.  The ability to connect to a local PowerPivot .xlsx file would be huge for us as well.  I like the query speed of PowerPivot running the locally but much prefer Tableau's interface and workflow over Excel.

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              Austin Dahl

              Connecting to local PowerPivot XLSX files will be available in 6.0.  I did a demo of it at the Tableau Customer Conference a couple of weeks ago.

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                Budy Sugianto

                I always failed to access PowerPivot xlsx file. Why?

                I already installed: Tableau Desktop Pro v6 (final release), Tableau PowerPivot Excel Add-In (64-bit, due to my OS is 64-bit), Excel PowerPivot (64-bit) from Microsoft.

                The error message is when I click button "Testing connection":

                [Tableau PowerPivot AddIn] Unable to connect to the MS PowerPivot data source. Couldn't find valid MS PowerPivot data in the workbook you specified.

                Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


                I'm sure my xlsx have PowerPivot tables (as I successfully open in Excel 2010 Powerpivot window). I also try to access sample xlsx file from Microsoft PowerPivot, it has the same error.

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                  guest contributor

                  I have the same problem. I have PowerPivot 32bit installed, a small star schema database test built on it. Everything seems to work on Excel, and a pivot table is generated next to the worksheets. A local connection to the file still fails, with the following:


                  0x80028018 (TYPE_E_INVDATAREAD))

                  Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

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                    guest contributor

                    When I had this problem, I solved it by uninstalling and re-installing the Tableau PowerPivot add-in -- being careful to install only the version that matched my Excel version (32bit or 64bit).  And if you're using 6.1, be sure to choose the "6.1 and Later" version of the addin.  Driver download page: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/drivers.  Best of luck.