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    Tableau Reader iPad app

    . Dansweet

      I'd love an iPad app version of Tableau Reader.


      I get that Public allows for viz html embedding and users with active web access could access basic vizes that way.  However, I work in a secure environment and we aren't about to start embedding our data in publicly accessible web pages.  If my field sales team could use dashboards I design in the field with customers on an iPad (no bulky laptop or long startup/shutdown times) that would be very cool.


      RoamBI is on track to own this space with far inferior visualization capabilities.


      Thanks for listening,


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          . omomyid


          I sorta get the no iphone app (but not really) and I'm resigned to never seeing Desktop on a macbook unless I'm running a dual-boot machine. But not having a version of at least tableau reader for iPad? It really doesn't make any sense.


          In fairly short order (12 months?) ipads will be all over hospitals and other similar locations where information retrieval on the go is critical. Is Tableau really going to let RoamBI (which so far really does seem to be the only iOS player) own this market segment?

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            guest contributor

            I'm not sure I agree.


            The iPad is not exactly known for its file support.  Isn't this an area where accessing Tableau Server from the iPad makes more sense?

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              Andy Cotgreave

              An interesting request. A short while ago I would figured this wasn't a big deal,  but TechRepublic recently ran a list of hot iPad apps and it was amazing how many of them were data viz-related (I can't find the link...). The iPad is surely going to create a new way of doing things, and it would be a shame if Tableau missed the boat.



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                James Baker

                Given Tableau's investment years ago in HTML + Javascript instead of Flash, my personal opinion is that Tableau Server should support Webkit browser + touch support with much less effort than rewriting the interface in Objective-C for a native app.  A "Reader app" would also have to manage file transfers, which is kind of a central point of Server.

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                  Joe Mako

                  If you go down the path of having a Tableau Reader in the iOS App Store, then why not have one on Mac OS, Linux, or any other OS?


                  I think Tableau made the right choice to make a web browser the Tableau Reader. You can view and interact with a Tableau viz on nearly any OS, as long as it has a decent web browser.


                  I would be interested in Tableau's thoughts on:

                  1. hover vs select actions in a touch environment

                  2. if they are testing Public/Server in Mobile Safari

                  3. if they plan to take advantage of the canvas element in HTML5 (I expect not anytime soon, as working on every browser possible is more important than using the latest standard)


                  Here is a good related article: http://mir.aculo.us/2010/06/04/making-an-ipad-html5-app-making-it-really-fast/

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                    guest contributor

                    I agree their needs to be some way to optimize Tableau dashboards, etc. for webkit touch browsers. It just makes too much sense to not have some support for it. As a start-up I recognize you have to invest R & D dollars carefully but if done right it could open Tableau up to a whole host of new opportunities.The absence of a session at the customer conference that covers this I am not going to hold my breath...

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                      Kyle B

                      Yes I agree and think this could be fairly huge for you guys - Especially if certain dashboards could be "mobile optimized" - i.e. the developer designs specific views with mobile in mind (page size, etc).


                      Get a blackberry, android, and iphone/ipad app and you are set. DEFINITELY would've had use for this at my last company.


                      My guess is you could even get some new business from this.

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                        guest contributor

                        iPad support (in the form of an actual app) is turning out to be a neccessity. The web support though should be a priority. We are running 5.1 server and the embeded code isn't working (in an ASP.Net app) on the iPad. It is working on Safari and IE on a PC though. Is this a current limit or does 5.2 help at all? Kind of a shame because with an AJAX web app and some javascript you can actually come close to a native iPad app experience, except thus far the embedded link no worky. Looks nice on a PC browser though.

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                          . delreal

                          And at leat make tableau server views compatible with safari? that would be nice and in line with the server "philosophy"

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                            James Baker

                            Tableau Server supports all four major browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.  You should have no problems with server views in Safari.  If you're referring to the special mobile-Safari Apple-specific touch-event extensions, then you are correct that there's some work to do there.

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                              I just did a quick test to see how it works. I put together a primitive (150 Kb) dashboard, resized it to iPhone screen size (480 x 320) and published it to Tableau Public. I then pointed iPhone's Safari to it, and here are the observations:

                              - It took about 30 seconds to load this small and simple viz over 3G (not acceptable, in my opinion)

                              - Server rendered the page at a desktop browser size (see attached screenshot), with the small viz in the corner. I expected the viz to fill the screen, don't know if this can be configured with Tableau Server.

                              - I could not use any tool tips or select anything on the screen (I believe this was mentioned in the previous post).


                              I don't think this can compete with RoamBI, it downloads and stores data internally, which makes it a lot quicker, and allows interaction.


                              Talking about RoamBI, I have tried it and have given up. The only aggregation it can do is summing everything, including percentages. Preparing data for desired layout involves a lot of "acrobatics".


                              I had a look at everything else that is out there for iOS (QlickView, YellowFin, PushBI, Transpara, etc.) - some require enterprise BI infrastructure to even test it, some are just browsers in disguise, some are similar to RoamBI. My conclusion is - RoamBI is the best of all data viz apps for iOS that could be found in app store and tested for free, but it only has fairly primitive capabilities. It works well with simple sales data, any complex ratios or other measures - and it becomes a headache or outright impossible.


                              Mobile devices may not have enough power to render complex views and work exactly like Tableau's Reader, but I think that having an iOS app that is a trimmed down version of the Tableau Reader, which can download, store, organise and render views prepared in Tableau Desktop, is a great idea.

                              Maybe browser option can be made to work as well, but connection speed can be a big issue - people usually use mobile versions to quickly look something up.

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                                Corrin Lakeland



                                Would really appreciate any work that could be done with mobile safari - and generally improving the user experience with Tableau Server.  I've got a number of important mac and iPhone users so the support for Safari and Mobile Safari will be their only experience of Tableau.

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                                  guest contributor

                                  I would in a very large hospital setting, would love to see an I pad applicataion for Tableau, but need to have data security, regardless of technology... m

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                                    Matt Shoemaker

                                    Until dedicated Tableau mobile apps are released, one solution to this is to use a remote desktop tool such as LogMeIn.  I currently use it on my Android phone.  I have Tableau running on my desktop computer and then I use the LogMeIn app on my phone to remote to my desktop, and I have full Tableau functionality.  It's small, but it works!

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