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    Excel Export

    . Jshiller

      When I export a cross tab to Excel some of my columns are missing in the excel file. Why is this happening, and how can I export all the columns?



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          James Baker

          Columns "in play", some of the columns that are in the cross-tab? Is it a cross-tab already, or a viz that's getting converted to a cross-tab?

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            . Jshiller



            It's a cross tab already. The funny thing is that it works fine if I remove one of two dimensions from the rows shelf. I can only use one of the dimensions at a time. All the other dimensions on my rows sheld display display properly. As a workaround, I ended up exporting two versions to Excel and just pasting in the missing column. It's very odd.



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              James Baker

              Hmm.  Not much I can say other than that support would like to see your workbook to determine if there's a bug we can fix there.

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                guest contributor

                I am experiencing this too.  I have a table where my columns are Measure Names (4 of them; the first 3 uncalculated fields, the last is calculated field) and my rows are three dimensions.  Measure Values (the 4 above) are my text.  So my table has 7 columns (3 row dimensions and 4 Measure Names).  When I Export->CrossTab to Excel I get the first 3 rows dimensions, THEN inexplicably a column of '1's, THEN only the first 3 of 4 Measure Name fields.  The Tableau extract added this column of '1's and did not export the last field.  I am using Tableau Desktop 5.1.3.

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                  guest contributor

                  I'm having the same problem.


                  Displays exactly as I want in Tableau, but when I export my second row becomes a column. 

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                    guest contributor

                    Update, I removed and re-added the exact same info and then the export worked as expected.  Zero difference in my Tableau workbook from one export to another, but clearing out the data and having it recalculate the fields somehow made it work.