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    Printing Dashboard to PDF - How to remove scroll bars

    . kskistad

      I am trying to print a dashboard to PDF and I can't figure out how to remove the scroll bars on one of the regions.  My monitor is a 19" and if I choose "Fit Width" everything shows on one screen, but the larger numbers show up as #######, and this also shows up on the PDF exactly as I see on the screen.  If I set "Normal" the region expands to the right and off of the monitor and includes a horizontal scrollbar to scroll to the right.  When I print to PDF this way, again the PDF file looks exactly like my screen, scrollbar and all.


      I tried to change the scaling options on the print setup but didn't seem to change anything.  I have a 22" monitor at home and this dashboard fits beautifully on one screen without the ######.  If I were to print to PDF using that monitor, I suspect I would get the desired effect I am looking for (i.e. see all data on the PDF page without the scrollbar or ###### - true scaling).  But that is not the resolution or monitor I have at work, so I need to get this to work on my current configuration.  Is there a way?