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    Import Custom Geocoding

    Brian Cummings

      Ok, I've devoted enough time to figuring this out on my own and submit myself to the expertise of others in this forum. I am trying to map data based on Zip code. Much of it is US-based, I have a handful of international postal codes that I'm trying to include in the result, with little success. I have managed to import (most) of them, only to have the lat / long not map correctly. The attached file (in a csv format) is what I've been using to create the custom geocoding. I'd like two suggestions:


      How can I get a nonstandard code (like the three digit Netherlands code) to import?


      How do I have my matching results map properly?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Brian Cummings

          Any thoughts on this? I'm trying to sort this out before an executive review tomorrow and would love some input. I've scoured the forums here and not been able to resolve my issue. Let me know if you need more info.

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            Michael Cristiani



            This probably is not the answer you want, but it may get you out of a jam, and it avoids having to use custom geocoding or text files if you think there may be no time to do so.


            Be sure your fact table and geocoding table are of the same type (SQL, sheets in an .xls, .csv, Access tables, etc.).  If your fact table has all the fields present in the geocoding table (country, state, zip in your case), and they are the same data type (character) in both files, you could start with the fact table, then join in the geocoding table on all three fields. Using your data, I tested this and it works.  There are probably some "yeah buts" that some will raise, but, practically speaking, you can get there without pulling your hair out.  Try a small test, and if it works, go for it.  If it does not work in your real world situation, at least you will have a point of information.


            Hope this helps.


            MANY BLESSINGS!

            Peace and All Good!

            Michael W Cristiani

            Market Intelligence Group, LLC

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              James Baker

              Brian, I got this from the developer who added custom geocoding:


              He needs to rename it to ZipCode.csv (and not accidentally name it ZipCode.csv.txt, like I accidentally did the first time I tried).


              The State names he provides need to actually exist -- he either needs to use the state names that we already have, or he needs to also provide a State.csv to define his new names. 


              In particular, "London", "North Holland", and "Stockholm"  are not existing names.

              Easiest way to see the existing names for a particular country is to go to the Data > Geocoding... > Set Default Location dialog and change the country to (say) "United Kingdom" and then look in the State list.  You'll then discover that  we use the English name for country names but the native name for state names.


              Not to mention that we call it "Netherlands", not Holland.


              So, the states he needs are

              United Kingdom - England

              Sweden - Stockholms

              Netherlands - Noord-Holland

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                Brian Cummings

                James, Ok I made the suggested changes and we're almost there. The part that befuddles me is that it creates a ZipCode.tds that I can see plots for each custom geocode. Yet when I view my data it continues to behave as if there is no information available. I've included a screenshot with the successful plots, a screenshot of my viz without plotting and the local data directory that I'm creating. Thanks again for your help.


                Michael, thanks for your tips, that sounds doable and may be my next step if we can't sort out this issue.

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                  Austin Dahl

                  I didn't exactly follow all the steps, but if you created your own new zip code role, then it should show as a different role in the "Set Geographic Role" menu.  You need to use your new type instead of the built-in zip code.

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                    Brian Cummings

                    Austin - thanks for the tip on that. I tried it and it definitely made a change. All of the codes wouldn't plot. I'm sure there's something silly I'm doing but I can't put my finger on it.

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                      Brian Cummings

                      Here is an update for those of you out there trying to map with international postal codes. It turned out that my default location was set to "United States". Once I set it to "none" it worked like a charm.

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                        guest contributor

                        Hey Guys, good news about importing numerical fields into custom geocoding - In version 5.2 you don't need a schema.ini file to import numerical geographies (like post codes).  Previously Tableau would ignore all numerical columns as possible candidates to be geocoded (therefore we had to write a schema.ini file to tell Tableau that the column was text).  Now you can import them smoothly.  Here is an example file for Australian Post Codes:



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                          guest contributor

                          Hi everyone! I'm new to Tableau and very excited about this software. I just downloaded the latest version 5.2 and trying to import the custom geocoding in Jesse G's post. However, when I go to Data > Geocoding, the only option is Set Default Location. I don't have the option to import custom geocoding as shown here: http://www.tableausoftware.com/onlinehelp/v5.1/online/Output/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context=Tableau_Online_Help&file=custom_geocoding.html


                          Do I need to upgrade to a paid version for this to be available? Or am I doing something wrong?


                          Thanks for any help you can offer.