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    Trusted authentication and AD

    Paul Tomlinson
      • We have a 5.1 server installation using Active Directory
      • We are attempting to use trusted authentication
      • The machine initiating the request has been correctly added to the trusted_servers setting and is getting a positive response
      • SSPI is set to false (confirmed configured and restarted
      • Attempting to use the returned token for the user is failing:
        • Internal Server 500 error header returned
        • Error message on the page: Tableau Server encountered an internal error. undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass
        • No redirection is provided to the new requested URL
        • The authenticated header is present, including the Welcome and Log Out options - but the user it identifies as 'Welcome, <user>' is the wrong user (publisher of the workbook being accessed)
      • Manually logging in as the target user directly works, including access to the identical URL appendage requested via /trusted/<token>/...
      In addition to the above, we should probably start with the question - is trusted auth supported on an AD configured machine, or does this only work for local auth?